Large-Scale Trump Regime Campaign to Push Toxic Mass-Vaxxing

Large-Scale Trump Regime Campaign to Push Toxic Mass-Vaxxing

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In response to justifiable public resistance against hazardous to human health/experimental covid vaccines, the Trump regime responded.

It launched a reported $250 million propaganda campaign, aimed a convincing skeptical Americans to sacrifice their health and well-being to the interests of the state and Pharma.

Emergency authorization use granted for mass-vaxxing Americans and others abroad with inadequately tested, experimental, DNA-altering Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines have earmarks of a depopulation scheme — a slow-motion version of Nazi extermination camps.

On its website, Moderna admitted that its experimental mRNA covid vaccine “technology platform…functions very much like an operating system on a computer.” 

“It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs.” 

Called “Software for Life,” it’ll enable US dark forces to control vaxxed individuals in diabolical ways — what the company left unexplained.

Control would be facilitated by software updates similar to how computer software is updated.

If mass-vaxxing is achieved this way, humans could be controlled like operating systems control computers — the ultimate goal of globalists.

Are Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and other Western covid vaccines developed with the same capability?

Could they transform humans into robots — to be disposed of when no longer useful to dark forces?

The above exceeds the worst of what Huxley and Orwell imagined — creating a computer-controlled new world order to replace life as once existed if the scheme works as planned.

Reportedly around half of Americans oppose being vaxxed for covid.

The Trump regime’s goal of 20 million vaxxed Americans by yearend flopped.

Reportedly less than three million got the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

It’s crucial for everyone valuing their health, well-being, and future — including for their offspring — to refuse letting Big Government, Big Media, and Big Pharma manipulate us to take what may destroy what’s too precious to lose: our health, freedom, and a society safe and fit to live in.

If go along with these diabolical aims, all of the above may be permanently lost, a frightening possibility.

Reportedly huckster/fraudster/profiteer NIAID head Anthony Fauci will spearhead the propaganda campaign as its public face.

Below is a taste of his mind-manipulating propaganda, Big Lies to reject and condemn, saying on pre-recorded video:

“My primary message to healthcare professionals is please get vaccinated.” 

“It’s important to protect yourselves, to protect your family, but as important symbolically as healthcare providers to show confidence in the vaccine so that other people in this country follow suit and get vaccinated.”

Fact: Days earlier, Fauci PRETENDED to be vaxxed for covid.

Notably on live television, he forgot which arm was allegedly vaxxed.

Live video showed him pretending vaxxed on his left arm. 

Moments later he pointed to an area on his right arm, saying it’s where he was experiencing “injection site soreness.”

Like others involved in manipulating the public mind to be vaxxed with hazardous to health covid vaccines, Fauci is a serial liar menace to public health.

He’s operating in cahoots with Pharma for his own self-enrichment.

He cut deals with drug companies to share royalties on drugs his agency approves, including Moderna.

Uncaring about human health, well-being and safety, he aims to cash in big from mass-vaxxing with what’s crucial to avoid to stay well.

What’s going on is playing fast and loose with our lives, health and future.

We can submit and pay dearly or resist and stay well.

It’s our choice, the right one self-evident.

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