Trump Impeached Again, Nearly Half the Country Opposed

Trump Impeached Again, Nearly Half the Country Opposed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

There’s no ambiguity about Trump’s legion of supporters.

On average, polls show that nearly half of voting-age Americans oppose impeaching Trump and removing him from office.

Yet Wednesday on the House floor, lynch mob “justice” triumphed over the rule of law.

Trump became the first US president impeached twice.

Both times were for politicized reasons with no legitimacy — Wednesday’s process largely along party lines.

Ten Republicans joined with 222 undemocratic Dems.

One article of impeachment falsely accused Trump of “willfully inciting violence against the government of the United States.”

His public remarks and tweets did nothing of the sort. He urged nonviolence on January 6, not the other way around.

Once again on Wednesday from the White House, Trump denounced week ago Capitol Hill violence, urging calm.

The die was cast. Dems out for blood and their establishment media, press agents have been going all-out to deny Trump a second term — along with wanting him defrocked, humiliated, and prevented from holding public office ahead for the wrong reasons, not legitimate ones.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that the article of impeachment will be sent to the Senate straightaway.

Separately, he turned reality on its head by the following Big Lie on national television, saying:

“The timing was thrust upon us by the actions of the president of the United States (sic).” 

“The fact that he is leaving should not divert us from holding accountable behavior which many of us believe is treasonous behavior and criminal behavior (sic).”

At earliest, Senate trial won’t begin until January 19 as things now stand — two days before Trump’s tenure ends.

A two-thirds super-majority is needed for conviction, a high bar to cross, what never happened before in US history.

Will Trump be the US president to be removed from office following impeachment?

If not, will he be convicted by a Senate super-majority post-tenure?

What’s unthinkable based on the fabricated charge of inciting insurrection is unlikely but possible.

That’s the depth to which the state of the nation sank, greater depths likely ahead.

The rule of law died long ago in Washington.

9/11 added an exclamation point. 

Made-in-the-USA covid (that’s renamed seasonal flu) and orchestrated Main Street economic collapse last year, continuing with no end of it in prospect, added two more.

Orchestrated by anti-Trump dark forces, last week’s Capitol Hill coup attempt added another.

In response to Trump’s politicized impeachment 2.0, Law Professor Jonathan Turley said the following:

Wednesday’s “snap” impeachment of Trump “dispense(d) with the traditional hearing or inquiry of impeachment.” 

“There was no opportunity to debate the language or the implications of the language


“(T)he rush to judgment could become a parade of constitutional horribles.”

It’s “ripe for challenge on the Senate floor and even later in the federal courts.”

Impeachment “language…is sweeping and raises serious concerns of this standard for future presidents.”

Trump’s remarks did not rise to the level of “criminal incitement…”

“(T)he Senate should reject the impeachment if on the basis that an impeachment of a former president is unwarranted and likely unconstitutional.”

It’s based on invented reasons, not legitimate ones.

Turley is a sharp Trump critic as am I — for justifiable reasons, not phony ones to satisfy vengeful Dems.

Impeaching Trump twice for politicized reasons — along with seeking lynch mob “justice” against him throughout his tenure — proves conclusively that Dems are self-serving and unfit to lead the nation.

Their involvement in staging a Capitol Hill coup attempt against a sitting president left the state of the nation and rule of law in tatters.

Post-inauguration of unelected Biden/Harris next week, will they declare martial law?

Will tyranny follow on their watch?

A pox on both right wings of the one-party state.

On her website, Sharyl Attkisson posted results of what she called “a recent unscientific poll of more than 640 people,” adding:

“When asked if they generally trust (US) election integrity, 70% said ‘Absolutely no’ and 19% said ‘More no than yes’ for a total of 89% expressing skepticism.”

“Another 6% said they tend to trust election integrity: 2% said ‘Absolutely yes’ and 4% said ‘More yes than no.’ ”

Along with earlier stolen US federal elections since the early 19th century, media-supported Election 2020 theft may have been most brazen of all.

Events post-election, leading up to last week’s orchestrated Capitol Hill coup attempt, Wednesday’s impeachment, and what may follow are proof positive of a nation dismissive of the rule of law.

It’s on a fast track to full-blown tyranny if not challenged by nonviolent mass action in the streets before it’s too late.

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