Selling What the Nuremberg Code and Hippocratic Oath Ban

Selling What the Nuremberg Code and Hippocratic Oath Ban

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Nuremberg Code mandates voluntary consent on matters relating to human health, as well as beneficial to individuals and society procedures, while prohibiting what’s high-risk and potentially harmful.

Hippocratic oath medical standards mandate doing no harm.

When used as directed, all vaccines breach the above standards, especially experimental, inadequately tested covid ones that risk serious short-and-longer-term harm to human health. 

In cahoots with other Big Media, Big Government, and Big Pharma, the NYT is unethically, immorally, and I believe illegally pushing mass-vaxxing with hazardous covid vaccines that may cause widespread harm to potentially millions worldwide.

In one of many drug-pushing propaganda pieces, the Times defied reality by falsely claiming that “(t)he world is desperate for more covid vaccines (sic).”

The world is “desperate” for governance of, by, and for everyone equitably, for peace, human rights, social justice, and enforcement of the rule of law.

The world is “desperate” for prioritizing people rights and needs over profits.

Vaccines should be banned, not promoted and used.

For months, the Times has been in the vanguard of pushing toxic vaccines by a relentless campaign of Big Lies and mass deception.

In its latest propaganda piece, it urged the incoming Biden/Harris regime to “marshal the federal government’s resources to manufacture additional vaccine supplies and combine that move with vigorous efforts to boost distribution.”

It called for establishing a “President’s Emergency Plan for Vaccine Access and Relief (Pepvar)” to push mass production and distribution of high-risk-to-health Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines.

Ignoring their hazards to human health, the Times falsely claimed they’re more effective than other covid vaccines developed abroad — meaning Russian and Chinese ones.

Unmentioned by the Times is when used as directed, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines permanently alter DNA.

They transform vaxxed individuals into genetically modified organisms.

Moderna admitted that its experimental mRNA covid vaccine “technology platform…functions very much like an operating system on a computer.” 

“It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs.” 

Called “Software for Life,” it’ll enable US dark forces to control vaxxed individuals in diabolical ways — what the company left unexplained.

Control would be facilitated by software updates similar to how computer software is updated.

If mass-vaxxing is achieved this way, humans could be controlled like operating systems control computers — the ultimate goal of globalists.

What the Times and other Big Media report is rubbish. What’s suppressed is what’s most important to explain.

In its latest drug-pushing piece, it quoted a mass deception remark by GW Bush, saying:

“Seldom has history offered a greater opportunity to do so much for so many” — what his regime, most others before his nightmarish tenure and what followed never did.

“That opportunity stands before us again,” the Times roared — for all bad and no good, not the other way around.

Discussing hazardous covid vaccines to be shunned, not used, Joseph Mercola called what’s going on a “brave new world” of widespread experimentation, what the Nuremberg Code prohibits.

He warned of “non-consensual medical experimentation on the general public” or face unacceptable social restrictions.

Perpetual vaxxing, social distancing, mask-wearing and the rest will be the new abnormal indefinitely for everyone going along instead of resisting to preserve and protect health and well-being.

Mercola explained that vaccine trials were “rigged.”

They “were not evaluated for their ability to actually prevent infection and transmission of the virus.” 

“So, since the vaccine(s) cannot reduce infection, hospitalizations or deaths, (they) cannot create vaccine-acquired herd immunity and end the pandemic…”

Pfizer and Moderna Frankentechology “is entirely unproven, and there’s no telling how this RNA programming might affect your health in years to come.”

Last December, Pfizer’s former chief scientific officer Michael Yeadon and former Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee chairman Wolfgang Wodarg petitioned “the European Medicine Agency to halt phase three clinical trials of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine until they’ve been restructured to address critical safety concerns,” Mercola explained.

They’re major, not minor, issues with potentially longterm devastating consequences.

Days after mass-vaxxing began in the US, thousands of adverse to health events were reported, including deaths.

Wogard issued a warning against use of these experimental vaccines, saying:

“Protect yourself and protect your neighbors and friends so that they don’t get this vaccine.”

“(Y)ou have to show up. You have to tell the politicians that you will blame them for what they do with this.” 

“(W)hat’s happening…is a great betrayal. We are betrayed.” 

“And people who betray normally are punished, and we won’t forget this if they go on doing this with us.”

What’s going on in the US, Europe and elsewhere is the most widespread human health experiment ever undertaken.

It involves mass-vaxxing with dangerous toxins that are highly likely to adversely affect countless millions of unwitting people worldwide.

It breaches the Nuremberg Code, Hippocratic Oath, and international human rights laws.

It’s being pushed by governments, Pharma and their press agent media.

To preserve and protect human health and well-being, it’s crucial to resist this diabolical campaign that’s highly to cause widespread harm and no protection against seasonal flu renamed covid.

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