Militant Hostility Toward Trump to the End

Militant Hostility Toward Trump to the End

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

From pre-election 2016 through his last day in office, Big Media waged relentless war on Trump.

It’s largely been for the wrong reasons, ignoring most important right ones — because the vast majority of elected and appointed officials in Washington share blame.

According to the American Press Institute:

The purpose of journalism is “to provide people with verified information they can use to make better decisions…”

It differs from “entertainment…advertising and propaganda…”

It’s “the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information.”

It’s “indispensable to democratic societies.” 

“History reveals that the more democratic a society, the more news and information it tends to have.”

A redefinition of what passes for mainstream US and other Western “journalism” is required.

It clearly does not conform to the above definition. Nor are their societies remotely democratic, just the opposite.

What better definition than US Election 2020 — losers declared winners, the legitimate winner sent packing on the heals of phony impeachment twice over and trial by Senate looming after leaving office.

Instead of informing people of what’s most important for everyone to know like the above, vital information is suppressed by major media like the NYT.

Managed news misinformation and disinformation is fed people daily.

Polar opposite what journalism is supposed to be, it’s all state-approved propaganda all the time on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

On his final day in office, NYT Trump bashing didn’t miss a beat.

In stark contrast, unjustifiable praise for anti-peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law Biden was featured as in earlier editions since nominated as Dem standard bearer last August.

Times foreign affairs presstitute Tom Friedman led the Trump bashing parade on his final day in office — as usual for the wrong reasons, fake news his specialty over the real thing.

Getting his last licks in before Trump departs the White House for the last time and heads to West Palm Beach, Florida on Air Force One for the last time, Friedman bashed him for the last time as president — with his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies and distortions.

Friedman: “(W)e just survived…four years of a president without shame, backed by a party without spine…heated up by a pandemic without mercy (sic).”

Trump’s “departure (isn’t)  happening a second too soon (sic).”

“Nor is Joe Biden’s inauguration (sic),” adding:

Trump’s tenure “was a terrible, terrible experiment (sic).”

Friedman’s tirade was just warming up with the above broadside. Lots more rubbish followed.

It was long on pure venom, bereft of specifics, nothing about bipartisan war on humanity at home and abroad, about GOP and Dem-supported Great Reset tyranny ahead.

Like all Friedman’s columns, journalism as it’s supposed to be is nowhere in sight, wall-to-wall hate-mongering rubbish instead with one exception.

He praised Trump’s unprecedented US sellout to apartheid Israel at the expense of Palestinian rights.

Gushing praise for unindicted war criminal Biden followed, saying:

“Give (him) a chance to surprise you on the upside (sic).”

In a previous article, I said the worst of times ahead may make most Americans yearn for the good old times they perceived in hindsight under Trump compared to the Biden/Harris/Dem horror show as it unfolds.

Former congressman Ron Paul slammed what he correctly called “the incoming Biden (regime that’s) chock full of actual purveyors of violent coups,” adding:

Don’t expect Big Media fawning all over Biden/Harris “to report on this.”

They’re too preoccupied by comparing pre-planned January 6 storming of Capitol Hill to “9/11,” — falsely blaming Trump for what he had nothing to do with.

“Unlike the fake Capitol ‘coup,’ ” Dems staged countless real ones when empowered, Biden heavily involved as vice president and supportive as US senator.

Over the next four years, more of the same is likely against nations free from US imperial control, aiming to transform them into subservient vassal states — at the cost of countless thousands of lost lives and lost freedoms for survivors.

Trump isn’t stain free by any means — far from it for domestic and geopolitical policies on his watch I sharply criticized for good reasons.

Despite all the damage he did at home and abroad, I greatly fear it will pale in comparison to what’s coming under Biden/Harris.

Controlled by undemocratic Dems and other dark forces in Washington, on Wall Street, and in other corporate suites, the transformation of America into a dystopian society enforced by police state harshness is what likely lies ahead on their watch.

Instead of sounding the alarm in support of a safe and fit to live in nation, the Times and other Big Media back what demands denunciation.

And there’s the issue of unelected Biden/Harris replacing reelected Trump denied the office he legitimately won for the second time.

He’s en route back to private life in Florida while imposters Biden/Harris illegitimately replace him.

On day one of their regime, I fear the worst ahead begins.

I fear for young people who lack advantages I had growing up at an earlier time long ago.

I fear for a fast disappearing free and open society, dystopian harshness replacing it.

Challenging growing tyranny in the US is the only viable way to prevent it from becoming full-blown — perhaps while the Biden/Harris regime is in power.

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My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

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