Praising What Demands Condemnation

Praising What Demands Condemnation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Biden/Harris cheerleader NYT fully embraces the regime’s harmful to health seasonal flu/renamed covid strategy.

It includes unneeded and hazardous vaccines, harmful face masks, and voluntary house arrest when the so-called “coronavirus pandemic” doesn’t exist.

As in previous years, outbreaks are flu/influenza, not covid, their numbers about the same as earlier.

Actual numbers last year into this one are unknown because false positive PCR test results are included in national totals — rendering them meaningless.

Instead of explaining the above and related information, the Times and other Big Media suppressed it.

A conspiracy of fear-mongering fake news — by the Times and other corporate media — falsely backs a public emergency myth that requires draconian measures pushed by Biden/Harris when polar opposite policies are needed.

The Times admitted that mandating masks in federal buildings and on its land is likely prelude for “a comprehensive mask mandate” nationwide.

Biden called his draconian agenda a “full-scale wartime effort” at a time when no war is needed or justifiable.

Known illnesses from renamed seasonal flu are similar in numbers to previous years — without fear-mongering hysteria and all the rest going on now.

Like nearly all US politicians, Biden can’t be trusted. He lied claiming the nation faces “a very serious (public health) situation” — that doesn’t exist.

The Times compounded his Big Lie by falsely saying that “the ‘pandemic’ poses the most pressing challenge of Mr. Biden’s early days in office (sic).”

His so-called “National Strategy for the Covid-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness” is an exercise in mass deception that’s supported by the Times and other Big Media — instead of exposing and debunking it.

Implementing it may require most stimulus funds when agreed to by Congress and the White House, perhaps leaving crumbs for needy households, states and local communities.

The Biden scheme includes mandatory PCR tests that don’t work and quarantines for individuals entering the country from abroad, along with waging war on a phantom enemy, not a real one.

The scheme urges states, local communities, and businesses to implement his draconian policies on the phony pretext protecting public health.

What’s presented as guidelines may become national mandates ahead.

Instead of supporting checks and balances to counter unacceptable Biden aims, the Times urged him to be “aggressive” in pursuing his agenda.

Governing by unilateral executive orders to bypass Congress at his discretion is what an unacceptable imperial presidency is all about.

It’s how the Biden/Harris regime began its tenure on day one in office. It demands rejection, not support.

Huckster, profiteer Fauci is now chief medical advisor to the new regime.

At the White House with Biden, Harris and others, he called for “science” to direct policymaking — polar opposite what’s gone on since early last year.

Falsely calling renamed seasonal flu “a very serious situation,” Fauci’s solution is mass-vaxxing with hazardous vaccines, quarantines, face masks and social distancing.

All of the above are harmful to health and well-being yet continue to be pushed.

Fauci lied calling toxic Pfizer and Moderna vaccines safe and effective.

He lied about safe and effective hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), falsely saying claims “were not based on scientific fact (sic).”

The Times earlier and this week backed his Big Lie, falsely saying HCQ was “shown not to be an effective treatment” — polar opposite reality.

The Times compounded its all-out fake news campaign by falsely claiming what’s going on is “the worst health crisis to hit the United States in more than a century (sic).”

There’s virtually nothing different about renamed seasonal flu outbreaks this year compared to earlier ones — except for state-sponsored/Big Media supported propaganda to convince most people otherwise.

Elevating unelected Biden/Harris to power on Wednesday was a day of infamy by a nation that long ago abandoned the rule of law.

On day three in power, the tip of the iceberg seen so far is likely prelude for an agenda from hell coming so the nation’s privileged class can benefit more greatly than already at the expense of most others.

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