US Police State Rule Rears its Ugly Head

US Police State Rule Rears its Ugly Head

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

What’s explained below is a likely taste of much more of the same under Biden/Harris ahead.

According to the US Department of (In)Justice, Dr. Simone Gold was arrested for entering a “restricted building” on Capitol Hill and for “violent entry and disorderly conduct (sic)” — on January 6.

She was “released on conditions,” pending a January 21 hearing in US District of Columbia federal court.

She and others are charged with what the DOJ calls “crimes committed at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 (sic).”

What happened there on the above date had clear earmarks of an orchestrated anti-Trump false flag.

It aimed to smooth the way for unelected Biden/Harris to replace him on January 20.

DJT and his supporters were falsely blamed for what they had nothing to do with.

Anti-Trump elements got access to Capitol Hill after police and federal law enforcers opened barricades surrounding it, letting them storm the main building to commit disruptive actions inside. 

Guards led hostile-to-Trump elements to designated areas.

Instead of preventing what happened, Capitol Hill security facilitated it.

It was part of a diabolical scheme to more greatly vilify Trump unjustly.

It aimed for House members to impeach him again and face Senate trial.

They wanted him made too damaged goods to run for president ahead.

Emergency care physician Simone Gold MD founded America’s Frontline Doctors.

She and other truth-telling physician members of the group promote use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc in treating covid (renamed seasonal flu) — in lieu of heavily promoted, harmful to health, experimental vaccines demanding rejection to stay safe.

HCQ has been around for decades. It’s widely available in generic form, cheap, safe, and effective when used early after covid is diagnosed.

Gold explained circumstances leading to her January 6 police state arrest on Capitol Hill.

She attended a “Rally for Health Freedom” on the Capitol’s east side.

As about to speak, she was told that scheduled rally was cancelled because what began to unfold on the Hill.

As crowds began moving up its steps, she followed, saying:

“When you’re crossing the street and the light turns green, you go.” 

“There was like a 100,000 people there, and people were going up the steps and, you just go. There wasn’t anything else to do.”

In the rotunda, she “had the idea to give (her planned) speech.” 

“Someone had a bullhorn so I asked to use it.”

No violence occurred where she was standing for about 20 minutes.

“We weren’t trying to vandalize anything,” she explained.

Only later did she hear reports of violence on the Hill.

“Those of us…there believe the (November) election (was) completely fraudulent,” she justifiably stressed.

“(W)e just wanted to be heard” — their constitutional First Amendment right.

She had nothing to do with the January 6 incident. Nor others with her.

Yet they were arrested and falsely charged in connection with inciting a nonexistent insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Based on what happened post-election, Gold and others arrested with her may be denied due process and judicial fairness at their hearing.

She’s a nonviolent physician who exercised her constitutional right to express views on treating covid and Grand Theft Election 2020.

Despite violating no laws, she may be punished for invented reasons because no legitimate ones exist to charge her lawfully.

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