Biden Regime to Stay Hardline on Venezuelan Social Democracy

Biden Regime to Stay Hardline on Venezuelan Social Democracy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Biden and hardliners surrounding him intend to continue waging war by hot and other means on nations not bending to US imperial interests.

Venezuela remains high on Washington’s hit list.

It’s because Bolivarian social democracy shames growing despotism in the US and West.

Like its predecessor, Biden/Harris also want to gain control over Venezuela’s world’s largest oil reserves, a treasure Big Oil covets.

Biden regime secretary of state Tony Blinken reportedly said usurper-in-waiting-no-more/no longer National Assembly member Guaido is still recognized by the US as Venezuelan leader — despite his illegitimacy.

Before leaving office, Trump regime envoy for regime change in Iran and Venezuela Elliott Abrams said he expects “no major changes” in US policies toward the Bolivarian Republic when Biden/Harris take office.

Notably, anti-Bolivarian coup plotter Carlos Vecchio and former usurper-in-waiting Guaido were Biden/Harris regime guests at their inauguration.

Vecchio is Guaido’s man in Washington, both figures unrecognized by most world community members.

As of early January, EU member states no longer recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s leader – what he never was before, of course.

Nor will the vast majority of Venezuelans tolerate him in this capacity ahead.

The US and UK still illegitimately recognize him to their disgrace.

He’s perhaps the country’s most reviled figure with an approval rating in the low-single digits.

When Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN) convened in early January, former Maduro government Communications Minister Jorge Rodriquez was sworn in as president.

Iris Varela and Didalco Bolivar are the body’s vice presidents.

The Maduro-led ruling PSUV party holds near-70% AN majority control.

Guaido and Vecchio hold no elected or appointed positions.

Yet straightaway, Biden/Harris insulted the world community and embarrassed themselves by inviting them to inauguration ceremonies. 

Maduro and other legitimate PSUV

members remain persona non grata in Washington — anti-democratic traitors alone welcome.

On Wednesday, Maduro in vain extended an olive branch to the incoming US regime, saying:

“We must tell the United States: We want to improve our relations, to make it one of respect, of mutual acknowledgment, a relationship with a future.”

He called on AN members to pursue a “new beginning” with the US.

Like Trump’s bully-in-chief Pompeo, Blinken read from the same imperial script, falsely calling democratically elected Maduro a “brutal dictator (sic).”

Real ones are some of Washington’s closest allies, democrats like Maduro is sworn enemies.

The above phony designation is given to all foreign leaders unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington.

Days before Biden/Harris replaced Trump, now-former Treasury Secretary Mnuchin blacklisted three officials, six vessels and 14 companies allegedly connected to Venezuela’s oil sector.

Looking ahead, Biden/Harris are likely to continue war by other means on the Bolivarian Republic like their predecessors.

Operating exclusively by their own rules, the rule of law considered heresy, hegemons don’t change their spots.

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