Iran Won’t Negotiate Changes to the JCPOA

Iran Won’t Negotiate Changes to the JCPOA

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

If talks occur between Iran and the Biden/Harris regime, no JCPOA changes will be tolerated.

According to dozens of former Iranian diplomats, talks with the US should be preceded by reversal of illegally imposed Trump regime sanctions.

If the US intends returning to the JCPOA, it must be in its original form that was unanimously adopted by Security Council members — making it binding international and US constitutional law.

The above are starting points for discussion on other issues of concern to both nations.

Without agreement by the US to comply with international law Trump regime hardliners abandoned, accommodation between Biden/Harris and Tehran won’t be attainable.

It’ll be clear that for the new US regime in town, good faith talks with other nations are off the table.

A statement by former Iranian diplomats said the following:

“Despite US violation of its commitments and inaction of Europe with regard to its JCPOA commitments over the last three years, and by considering the fact that some people in Iran are still critical of the JCPOA”, its government remains committed to the landmark agreement.

“If the (new) US (regime) is willing to take trust-building and positive steps toward Iran, it should know that returning to the JCPOA will exactly start from the point that the Trump administration pulled out of the deal and breached (its) commitments.”

“The JCPOA is an inalienable part of the (Security Council’s) resolution (affirming it) based on Article 25 of the UN Charter, and the US is obligated to fully implement JCPOA commitments.”

“While the former US (regime) not only violated the JCPOA but invited other parties to violate the deal, Iran has been committed (to it).” 

Pointing to the hostile behavior of the Us towards Iran, they stressed: 

Because of “its various crimes against humanity and extensive systematic violation of human rights by imposing cruel sanctions on food and drugs for Iranians, promoting and supporting state terrorism and explicit confession to the assassination of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, the Trump (regime) should be punished.”   

At the same time, “(n)egotiations and understanding have always been a suitable diplomatic tool for achieving legitimate aims in line with establishing peace, stability, and security in the region.”

Iran is committed to establishing cooperative relations with other nations in the interest of peace and stability.

There’s no ambiguity about Iranian good intentions. Resolving differences with the US requires that it abandon decades of war on the country by other means.

At this time, no evidence suggests that’s what the US intends, just the opposite, continued hostility toward Iran in breach of international law while falsely blaming its government for US wrongdoing against the state and its people.

Iran’s ruling authorities and lawmakers intend enacting legislation to move beyond the JCPOA if Biden/Harris don’t rejoin the agreement and abide by its provisions as required.

Iranian law called “Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions and Protect Nation’s Rights” stipulates that if the US and E3 countries fail to fulfill their JCPOA obligations in the coming weeks, Tehran will have no further obligation to observe the letter and spirit of the agreeement.

It requires all parties to fulfill their obligations. Deals are not one-way.

That’s the state of things with the JCPOA today — Iran, Russia and China alone observing it in stark contrast to the US and E3.

That must change or the landmark agreement is no longer viable.

If things turn out this way, Iran will fully resume its pre-JCPOA nuclear activities that comply fully with its NPT obligations.

Iran doesn’t now nor did it earlier have a military component to its nuclear program like the US, Israel, and other nations with stockpiles of these WMDs.

If the US and E3 go another way and agree to observe their JCPOA obligations, Iran will monitor their actions and reciprocate step-by-step to whatever positive actions they take.

Good faith is an Iranian attribute. It’s eager and willing to fully observe its JCPOA and related obligations as long as the US and E3 go the same way.

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