Russian Foreign Ministry on Nuclear Weapons, Open Skies, and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry on Nuclear Weapons, Open Skies, and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakhavova (MZ) commented the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

After TPNW entered into force on January 22, MZ explained Russia’s view as follows:

“The treaty was drafted without considering the fundamental principles underlying the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or existing strategic realities.” 

“Nor does it consider in any way the key problems that must be resolved to achieve sustainable nuclear disarmament on a global scale.”

“The treaty will not be binding on Russia or on other countries that will not sign or ratify it.” 

“We do not think that it establishes universal standards or norms or facilitates the development of common international law.”

Nuclear disarmament requires consensus among nations with these WMDs to abandon them by eliminating their arsenals entirely.

TPNW fails to achieve this objective.

On Open Skies, the Trump regime bears full responsibility for “abolishing” the treaty, MZ stressed.

Abandoning it changed its format and “upset the balance of interests of its participants,” she added.

Without US participation, Russia was forced to withdraw for security reasons.

Even so, Moscow went all-out to save the treaty, but was rebuffed.

Unacceptable US-dominated NATO actions scrapped Open Skies “forever” as it once existed.

Western regimes will be formally notified of Russia’s withdrawal once an official statement is prepared.

MZ explained that Moscow slammed Western sanctions on Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, adding:

“(T)he misguided Western practice of unilateral sanctions against countries (groups, other entities, and individuals) regarded as objectionable” again reared its ugly head against Syria’s foreign minister unacceptably.

The practice defies the UN Charter and other international law.

Whenever ordered, ordinary people in targeted countries suffer most from their imposition.

Despite great progress made by Syria’s armed forces toward liberating their country from US/NATO sponsored ISIS, other jihadists, and the unlawful presence US, Turkish, and other foreign occupying forces, Syria remains a nation at war because of Obama/Biden regime launched aggression in 2011 — still ongoing.

For nearly a decade, the US and its imperial partners have gone all-out to crush the country’s sovereign independence and economic viability.

They continue try suffocating its people into submission by endless war, starvation, and other hostile means.

The new Biden/Harris regime remains at war with Syria.

Three US regimes committed some of the highest high crimes against the nation and its people — with no end of the horrors they’ve endured in prospect.

These regimes and its imperial partners systematically raped and desroyed the country and its people for the past 10 years — with no world community condemnation that’s unacceptable and long overdue.

Before leaving office, the Trump regime imposed more illegal sanctions on Russia, MZ explained.

“On January 19, the Fortuna pipe-laying barge and its owner involved in laying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline were added to the sanctions list,” she said.

It was a further futile effort to block completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and Europe.

Since Trump regime sanctions war on the project began many months earlier, construction of the project was greatly slowed but not undermined.

I’ll be completed despite every dirty trick the US tried to prevent it.

Commenting on dismal US/Russian relations, MZ stressed that Moscow made numerous proposals to shift things in a positive direction.

It failed because the US continues going all-out to undermine bilateral relations.

It’s up to the new US regime in town to change Washington’s hostile attitude for things to turn around.

Unfortunately, the prospect of this happening is virtually nil like most often before.

The US seeks dominance over Russia and other nations free from its control, mutual cooperation out of the question.

That’s how the scourge of imperialism operates. There’s nothing in sight to change things.

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