Reinventing Alexey Navalny Street Rallies

Reinventing Alexey Navalny Street Rallies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Navalny street rallies in Russian cities last weekend — with more of the same planned — were made-in-the-USA as part of its war on the country by other means.

Russian Senator Andrey Klimov heads the upper house Federation Council’s commission on preventing interference in the country’s internal affairs.

A previous article explained “reliable data” in his possession that reveals plans “made far outside the borders of Russia” for staging rallies in its cities that likely turned violent by design.

US and perhaps UK dirty hands were behind them last weekend.

On Monday, Russian Children’s Ombudsperson Anna Kuznetsova said children as young as age-9 were lured into participating in what happened.

They were likely deceived into believing that rallies were for something other than the diabolical anti-Russia scheme that unfolded in various cities, including the country’s far east.

Kuznetsova explained that when young children taken into custody were questioned, “(t)hey had absolutely no idea as to what they had gotten mixed up in.”

According to Tass, citing Russian police, “about 4,000 people attended the protests in the Russian capital.” 

“Moscow’s Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Potyaeva stated on her website that over 1,000 people had been detained.”

In response to what happened, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“All people have the right to express their point of view within the legal framework.” 

“Everything that oversteps these boundaries is not just counterproductive but also dangerous.”

Orchestrated overstepping occurred last weekend. Putin compared what happened to US January 6 Capitol Hill storming of its main building.

“What are they doing with these people,” he asked?

If arrested, elements involved face “between 15 and 25 years (in prison) for domestic terrorism.”

Storming Capitol Hill was an anti-Trump false flag for what’s happening in its aftermath.

It includes Trump’s upcoming Senate trial on the phony charge of inciting insurrection and likely repressive legislation ahead to more greatly erode remaining freedoms.

The NYT is militantly hostile toward Russia and other nations free from US control. 

It supports convicted felon/CIA asset Navalny — a figure who’s largely ignored by most Russians, reviled by others, with scant public support for his self-serving agenda against the state in service to imperial USA.

Ignoring US dirty hands behind weekend rallies in Russian cities, the Times defied reality, asking:

“Could this be a turning point (sic)? No “standoff between…Putin and (Navalny) turned into a showdown in the streets of Russia (sic).”

Rent-a-mob rallies were dispersed, not before enlisted hooligans committed violent actions that were likely planned in advance.

Navalny is a pro-Western, self-serving, fifth column element against his own country — masquerading as an anti-corruption activist.

He was convicted and imprisoned for using so-called “anti-corruption” donations “for personal gain.”

He used nearly $5 million of donations for “acquir(ing) personal property, material assets and payment of expenses, including on trips abroad.”

A new probe into his dubious practices may lead to new charges, prosecution, conviction and further imprisonment.

According to a Russian Investigative Committee, there’s hard evidence of Navalny “fraud on a particularly large scale.”

Last month, Putin said he has ties to “American special services.”

He’s a fraudster/traitor to his country for personal gain.

While supporting him, the Times admitted that he’s “a controversial figure, (an) agitator.”

His accusations against high-level Russian officials, including Putin, are baseless. They’re unsupported by facts.

Thousands in Russian streets over the past weekend didn’t turn out from his urging. 

Turnout was from information supplied by the US Russian embassy and State Department — including locations and times where rallies were held.

In cahoots with US dark forces, Navalny wants Putin replaced by pro-Western puppet rule, enforced by police state harshness.

He’s powerless, corrupt and self-serving.

The Times reinvented his illness last summer. Russian doctors in Omsk found no toxins in his system.

He became ill from a metabolic disorder, they said.

Reinventing their diagnosis as part of its longstanding Russia bashing campaign, the lying machine Times falsely claimed that “(t)hey determined he’(d) been poisoned (sic).”

The official Big Lie promoted by the Times and other Western media was long ago debunked.

If he’d been “poisoned,” why did he return from Germany if he believed by coming home his life would be endangered?

So-called evidence he claimed to indicate that Putin tried to kill him doesn’t exist.

If Russia wanted him eliminated, he’d have been done away with long ago.

Moscow doesn’t operate like imperial USA and apartheid Israel, employing hit men against their adversaries, what the Times and other Big Media ignore.

Weekend rallies were unrelated to Navalny’s arrest and detention on arrival from Germany.

They were orchestrated by the CIA and other US dark forces, perhaps assisted by their UK counterparts.

Efforts by the Times and other Big Media to reinvent political nobody Navalny into a bigger-than-life figure failed.

The Times invented a fictional scenario in trying to explain events of last weekend.

Instead of truth and full disclosure, state-approved propaganda is featured in its reports — especially about US wars of aggression and nations on its target list for regime change.

The Times is to truth-telling what rule of law principles are to flagrant breaches, what yellow journalism is to the real thing.

With attribution to former Chicago journalist Mike Royko:

“No self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in a” Times paper.

He said it about Murdoch broadsheets. His remark applies to all establishment media.

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