Ties That Bind Between Iran and Russia

Ties That Bind Between Iran and Russia

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman

Russia respects the sovereign rights of Iran and all other nations.

It wages peace and cooperative relations with other countries, confrontation with none.

Iran is governed the same way. Both nations threaten no others. Both believe in the rule of law.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA operates by its own rules exclusively, making them up to advance its imperial aims.

Its ruling class seeks to replace all governments not under its control with pro-Western puppet regimes.

It’s contemptuous of the rights of ordinary people at home and abroad, wanting them exploited, not served.

Endless wars by hot and other means are its favored strategies. Its self-defeating agenda assures its eventual fate.

Like other failed empires, the dustbin of history awaits its arrival.

On Tuesday, Russian and Iranian foreign ministers met in Moscow.

At a joint press conference, Sergey Lavrov affirmed that both countries continue mutual cooperation “in all areas.” More on his remarks below.

Zarif said the following about the selected, not elected, Biden/Harris regime.

“What we have heard (so far) has mostly been in the form of words and announcement of its positions.”

“It is actions that we respond to.”

Candidate Biden expressed a willingness to return to the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal.

His more recent remarks suggest no swift or mutually cooperative steps to move in this direction.

Zarif stressed the importance of lifting illegally imposed sanctions on Iran as a US good faith first step, adding:

If this is done “in an effective manner, we too would” reciprocate in good faith.

“If they are serious about negotiations and want to obtain a new commitment from all participants in the JCPOA, first they must refrain from further provocations and second they must respect what they are no longer respecting.”

Separately, Zarif tweeted:

“\Why on earth should Iran—a country that stood firm & defeated 4 years of a brutal US economic terrorism imposed in violation of JCPOA & UNSC Resolution—show goodwill gesture first?” 

“It was the US that broke the deal—for no reason.”

“It must remedy its wrong; then Iran will respond.”

At the same time, Zarif thanked Russia for engaging in a positive manner with Iran, showing respect for its sovereign rights, and supporting the JCPOA as affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231 — making it binding international law.

He said Tehran aims “to form a six-party cooperation union in the region” to include the Islamic Republic, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

He called this objective “the most important goal of this regional trip.”

Ahead of discussions with Lavrov, Zarif said “(i)n today’s meeting, we will discuss the international situation, the implementation of the JCPOA by all parties and Russia, and of course other issues such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen are also on the agenda.”

“Since Trump left office, a special situation has been created, and therefore we are seeking to coordinate with Russian officials on international issues.”

Following talks, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Their meeting was “fact-based and trustful. We have worked with each other (cooperatively) for quite some time.”

Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani communicate with each other “regularly.”

Russia will be involved with Iran in building new units at its Bushehr nuclear facility.

Both countries signed an “intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in ensuring information (and cyber) security.”

Views of both nations on the JCPOA are “identical.”

Both governments want the landmark agreement preserved by “consistent, all-round implementation of (its) provisions” in its current form unchanged.

“The joint ministerial statement on the JCPOA (adopted on December 21, 2020) by the countries that remain parties to the plan shows how to move towards this goal.”

Lavrov and Zarif addressed endless US war in Syria for the past decade with no near-term resolution in prospect because of Washington’s imperial aims.

In response to a question asked, Lavrov said cooperation between Russia and Iran continues in pursuit of their mutually agreed on bilateral agenda.

Mutual cooperation is affected by hostile US-led Western actions to “limit” their pursuit of policies that benefit both nations.

Lavrov: “(T)hese are illegal attempts to abuse unilateral restrictions that are at variance with international law, and impart exterritorial character to their national laws.”

So far, the “Biden team” failed to advance relations with Russia, Iran, and other nations free from US control in a positive direction.

Looking ahead, nothing suggests a change from US dirty business as usual to positive engagement with all world community nations.

Throughout the post-WW II period, Washington has gone the other way — pursuing an imperial agenda Biden supported since the early 1970s.

A Final Comment

Zarif stressed that Biden “has a fundamental choice to make.”

He “can embrace the failed policies of (his predecessor) and continue down the path of disdain for international cooperation and international law…or…promote peace and comity in the region.”

There’s little doubt about what lies ahead — no matter which right wing of US war party is in power.

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