Biden/Harris Press Agent NYT – Part III

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January 19, 2021
Norwegian Health Authorities Cave to Western Dark Forces and Pharma
January 19, 2021

Biden/Harris Press Agent NYT – Part III

by Stephen Lendman 

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The NYT is a longstanding lying machine/press agent for wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of virtually everything just societies hold dear.

Time and again, it finds new ways to disgrace itself, again in its Sunday edition.

A propaganda piece on unelected/illegitimate Trump replacement Biden incredulously asked if he’ll “be the next FDR.”

For nearly half a century since the early 70s, Biden shilled for powerful interests, along with prioritizing self-enrichment over public service he disdains.

His record reflects virtually everything disturbing about dirty politics as usual in Washington.

Like most others in the nation’s capital, he always backed military, industrial, security complex and financial interests, no matter how harmful to ordinary people domestically and abroad.

He voted for nearly everything supportive of preemptive wars on invented enemies and what furthers corporate predation.

Throughout his public life, he’s been contemptuous of peace, equity, justice and rule of law.

Citing Biden’s proposed stimulus plan – that prioritizes mass-vaxxing for covid and handouts to business — the Times incredibly compared Biden to Roosevelt’s New Deal economic revival programs.

It ignored that what’s proposed compared to what’s enacted into law and actually carried out may greatly differ than what Biden said in his public remarks.

During the manufactured greatest ever Great Main Street Depression — exceeding the worst of what FDR faced on entering office in 1933, the Times pretended otherwise, mindless about the severity of what’s going on and that it was made-in-the-USA.

At the same time like other Big Media, it pretends that “Americans (are) dying daily from the worst pandemic in a century, plus an insurrection incited by” Trump.

Both claims are bald-faced Big Lies, typical examples of Times mass deception and betrayal of the public trust.

Numbers of illnesses, deaths, and hospitalizations last year, continuing in 2021, from covid that’s renamed seasonal flu, are much the same as in most previous years.

No Trump incited insurrection occurred, the Big Lie behind his impeachment and whatever follows.

As for what Biden may do, if anything to stimulate economic growth that requires jobs creation, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll go where he never went before in his upcoming first hundreds days or throughout his time in office.

It’s virtually certain that he’ll prioritize privileged interests at the expense of public health, welfare, and a nation fit to live in for all its people.

The Times keeps going all-out to reinvent Biden’s deplorable public record.

Looking ahead to his time in office, the Times defied reality by calling him “Rooseveltian” — what’s polar opposite the true disgraceful measure of the man.

Commenting on where Biden is going in addressing covid (aka seasonal flu), Times editors praised what they should have condemned.

He called for hundreds of billions of dollars for mass-vaxxing with hazardous to health vaccines that won’t protect and will likely cause widespread serious illnesses and deaths for years to come if his diabolical plan is implemented.

What’s “spread(ing) relentlessly, sickening and killing” is what happens every year — with none of what’s going on now, notably no unacceptable interruptions to daily life, no draconian plot for a permanent/unacceptable new abnormal.

Throughout the ongoing state-sponsored onslaught on fundamental freedoms, the Times is in the forefront of supporting what demands denunciation. 

Claiming virtual police state house arrest and all the rest going on “have a role to play in fighting the virus” defies reality and fails to explain the diabolical scheme to make totalitarian rule — enforced by police state harshness — the unacceptable new abnormal in the US and elsewhere worldwide.

The Times, other Big Media, Biden/Harris, and US dark forces behind what’s going on demands all-out public resistance to prevent the US and other nations from being transformed into ruler/serf societies.

That’s the end-stage goal behind what Great Reset plotters aim to achieve — to be challenged, not accepted.

The alternative is loss of fundamental freedoms and nations fit to live in for the vast majority of their people.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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