Big Media Gushing Over Biden/Harris Regime’s Takeover

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January 21, 2021
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January 22, 2021

Big Media Gushing Over Biden/Harris Regime’s Takeover

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman

The day after usurpation of power by Biden/Harris, Big Media have been falling all over themselves to pay homage to their ruling regime.

The display bears disturbing similarity to how subordinates show obedience to a new mafia don by kissing his hand.

They’re small time compared to how the US operates worldwide —smashing nations to control them, demanding obedience from ordinary Americans, nonbelievers subject to gulag imprisonment or elimination altogether.

Selected, not elected, Biden/Harris were inaugurated into office at the Capitol’s west front facing the National Mall.

The ceremony was an act of hypocrisy without legitimacy, symbolic of a nation in decline.

When losers are declared winners and installed in office, while a winner awaits possible Senate trial on one or more false charges, legitimate ones ignored, despotism is the law of the land.

Wednesday on pro-Biden/Harris TV, Nancy Pelosi hinted at possible worse to come for Trump. 

If she gets her way, he could be charged as an “accessory” to murder for what happened on Capitol Hill no evidence links to him.

“We have to get the evidence of that,” she roared. 

“And if they did, they would be accessory to the crime. And the crime, in some cases, was murder.”

“And this president is an accessory to that crime because he instigated that insurrection that caused those deaths and this destruction.”

All of the above are bald-faced Big Lies. Having rigged Election 2020 for Biden/Harris to prevent a second Trump term he won, anything ahead is possible.

Even adding murder for Senate members to hold him responsible for at trial, along with the phony charge of inciting insurrection.

Neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors claimed “this time could be different. Biden really could unite the country (sic).”

The hypocrisy of his inaugural address call for unity needs no elaboration.

After all-out demonization of Trump by undemocratic Dems and their media press agents for the wrong reasons, ignoring legitimate ones, Biden’s call for unity rang resoundingly hollow — a message to be slammed, not supported.

Dark forces controlling him and Harris demand public subservience to their diabolical agenda that’s likely to exceed the worst of the past four years without challenging what’s sure to be too unacceptable to tolerate.

WaPo editors believe they’ll achieve their aims, maybe so with media supported mind manipulation for acceptance of what demands rejection.

Newcomer to high office Harris is cutting her teeth on what it takes to achieve mass deception so privileged interests can achieve what’s enormously harmful to most others.

Biden learned dirty tricks and practiced them since the early 1970s.

Cognitively a shadow of his former self at age-78, he’s easy putty to control by dark forces who selected him to replace Trump.

Americans paying attention to what Biden/Harris do, not what they say they’l do, will know soon enough they were had again by false promises — like most often before when transition of power occurred in Washington.

A blizzard of undeserved Big Media praise for the new incumbents drowned out alternative views like my own and from many other independent observers, calling a spade a spade, pulling no punches.

Even the Wall Street Journal praised Biden’s inaugural mass deception, saying:

“(A)ll Americans can take pride in Wednesday’s inaugural proceedings for” Biden — stressing nonexistent US “democratic strength.”

Journal editors intend giving him “benefit of the doubt” — no matter the illegitimacy of the office he holds.

From northern Maine to the southern most Key West part of the country to California and the Pacific Northwest, the Los Angeles Times called Biden’s address “a message of healing to a reeling nation (sic).”

The Chicago Tribune called Biden/Harris inauguration day “the most American yet.”

Separately, it called for all Americans to root for their success — that will harm their fundamental rights across the board. 

The Houston Chronicle defied reality by claiming that their inauguration “gives America reason for faith in a better future” — despite hard evidence indicating a dystopian way ahead.

US News & World Report “celebrate(d)” their inauguration.

USA Today praised Biden’s deceptive rhetoric, calling it a “balm a shaken nation needs.”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) pretended Biden’s address returned “truth” to the nation’s capital.

At a time of unprecedented Main Street economic collapse with little relief at best coming, the state of the nation is more dismal than at any previous time in my lifetime.

An unelected duo was selected to nominally lead things at a time when a true profile in courage is needed – but nowhere in sight.

The worst ahead is more likely than positive change.

Analyst Doug Casey warned about “terrible things that could come next” that could adversely affect “personal freedom(s) and financial well-being far greater than (most people) realize.”

Biden/Harris are tools of dirty business as usual interests.

They’ll do what they’re told at the expense of positive change that’s off the table in Washington under both right wings of the one-party state.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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