China Slams Pompeo’s Hysteria

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January 18, 2021
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January 19, 2021

China Slams Pompeo’s Hysteria

by Stephen Lendman

Pompeo’s reign of terror as Trump regime bully-in-chief can’t end a moment too soon.

In a stinging editorial and accompanying piece, China’s Global Times (GT) rightfully called Pompeo a “lunatic,” sharing my own view about far and away the worst secretary of state in US history.

Throughout his time at state, he operated as an international wrecking ball against world peace, stability, and cooperative relations among member states — notions he deplores.

According to China’s Global Times (GT) on Sunday, during the previous day alone, “Pompeo posted more than 30 (hostile) tweets…”

Nearly all “were directed against China.” His actions throughout his time in Washington provide ample evidence to pronounce him criminally “insane” and a global menace.

In recent weeks and months, he’s gone all-out to make it hard or impossible for Biden/Harris to undo damage done to relations with other countries.

On his own, given Trump’s focus on dealing with phony accusations against him during his final days in office, Pompeo “target(ed) China, Cuba, Iran,” and other countries recklessly.

“A normal government would not” go where he’s gone, said GT. His actions are self-serving.

His “crazy show is a manifestation of the extreme, irrational and irresponsible China policy of the US in the past few years.”

“It is beyond everyone’s expectation that the US system could have allowed such serious political destruction to take place during a power transition period.” 

“Without any obstruction, Pompeo’s personal emotions are masquerading as the diplomatic proclamations of the US…”

What’s gone on unacceptably would seem “like a bad joke,” if not so deadly serious. 

His reckless actions are inflicting long-lasting damage to bilateral and multilateral relations.

GT’s hope for Biden/Harris to reverse Trump’s wrecking ball policies is virtually certain to be dashed on the rocks of US imperial aims by both right wings of its war party.

Candidates, especially ones in the West for high office, make numerous popular promises on the stump to be largely or entirely ignored if elected.

A Biden/Harris regime is virtually certain to be pro-war, anti-peace and stability, hostile toward all nations free from US control, pro-corporate predation, and indifferent toward the rights and needs of ordinary people at home and abroad.

That’s the cold, hard reality well understood by China and other nations on the US target list for regime change.

GT: “Beijing will not accept restarting China-US relations based on the series of anti-China decisions made by Pompeo.”

“Neither will Chinese society.” 

“If policies such as sanctions on Chinese companies released in the last few days (and earlier) are implemented and US officials hav(e) no restrictions in engaging with Taiwan becomes the new starting point for the Biden(/Harris) to deal with the Taiwan question, the China-US relationship is bound to suffer a larger crisis than it experienced in the past four years.”

“Pompeo is piling up troubles for (Biden/Harris’) foreign policies, which is resistance in a disguised form and whose destructive impact is no less than the Capitol Hill riots.” 

“To put it more precisely, Pompeo is the savage destroyer of the transitional tradition and rules of US foreign policy.” 

“He is more evil than the rioters at Capitol Hill.”

He’s “jeopardizing…world peace and stability.” 

“If the world descends headlong into a geopolitical disaster one day, Pompeo will be revealed as the most infamous among its initiators.”

Separately, GT slammed Pompeo’s “hysteria” wrapped in Big Lies and mass deception.

International Relations Professor Shen Yi slammed what he called Pompeo’s “psychological hysteria.”

It’s because of his “huge failure(s)” in office.

Some EU officials refused to meet with him in recent days.

Former Trump regime secretary of state Rex Tillerson called his tenure a geopolitical disaster.  

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said he’ll no longer waste time rebutting his anti-China war of words and actions.

UK political and international relations analyst Tom Fowdy said the following:

“What (Pompeo) is doing now is pushing an endless cycle of self-praising and congratulatory tweets to bump up his own legacy and achievements in office in looking toward further political goals.”

He’s wrecking his own political ambitions by poisoning chances for Biden/Harris to undo the enormous damage he’s done to US multilateral relations.

Largely because of what he’s done on the global stage, he’s leaving a legacy of out-of-control chaos that risks international disputes becoming conflicts.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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