False Positive PCR Test Results

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January 8, 2021
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January 9, 2021

False Positive PCR Test Results

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Days earlier, I explained that annual seasonal flu/influenza disappeared this year — what never happened before in modern memory.

Did it really disappear or is it still around?

It’s very much around in disguise — remained covid.

Same thing, new name, along with what never happened before in flu season that runs from around October to May annually.

Last year and now, influenza — aka covid — was and continues being accompanied by lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, mask-wearing, an all-out campaign for mass-vaxxing with DNA-altering vaccines, economic collapse, Depression-level unemployment, growing poverty, food insecurity and hunger — along with widespread human misery in the US and West.

Everything ongoing was planned in advance as I explained in earlier articles.

Covid didn’t appear like Topsy. US dark forces unleashed it with diabolical Great Reset aims in mind.

We’ve been lied to and mass deceived by Big Government and Big Pharma in cahoots with Big Media.

Covid is a social control/wealth transfering/freedom destroying scam.

Shutdowns caused infinitely more harm than any known combination of major diseases.

When worn longterm, face masks harm human health.

PCR tests used to diagnose covid don’t work.

On Monday — after staying silent last year — the FDA said the following:

It’s “alerting patients and health care providers of the risk of false results, particularly false negative results, with the Curative SARS-Cov-2 (PCR) test.”

At the same time — knowing PCR tests aren’t designed to detect viral strains in our bodies and nearly always produce false positives, the agency wants their use continued.

Last month, the WHO warned that high-cycle thresholds produced by PCR cause false positive results — in a lengthy statement that was more confusing to laymen than edifying.

The bottom line is that this test procedure is worthless as a way to detect covid or other viral infections.

What’s been known long before covid showed up early last year was largely suppressed — including by Big Media that continues to support use of PCR tests that don’t work.

Even mass-vaxxing/drug pusher Fauci earlier admitted that around 90% of PCR positive results are false.

Nearly 100% is more accurate. When administered, it virtually always fails at what it’s falsely claimed to do.

So why is it used? It’s part of the scam to fear-monger unwitting Americans and others to go along with what harms their health and well-being.

I strongly suspect that DNA-altering vaccines are part of a de-population scheme to cause serious diseases later on and shorten lifespans for countless numbers of vaxxed individuals.

Processed foods we eat, especially GMOs, polluted air we breathe, impure water we drink, and harmful drugs of all kinds with potential harmful side effects in print too small for most people to read are consumed daily by Americans — harming their health in the process.

Experimental mRNA/DNA altering franken-vaccines for covid are most dangerous of all.

They risk potential irreparable harm to human health when used as directed.

Noted epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski explained that the virtual disappearance of seasonal flu/influenza last year is because of falsely “renam(ing)” it covid.

“There may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the ‘presumed covid-19’ category of people who have (its) symptoms (which Influenza symptoms can be mistaken for), but are not tested for SARS RNA,” he said, adding:

These individuals “also may have some SARS RNA sitting in their nose while being infected with influenza, in which case (it) would be (falsely) ‘confirmed’ to be COVID-19.”

Mask-wearing and social distancing have nothing to do with reducing outbreaks, he stressed.

“People know everybody is wearing masks and distancing, and so (they) want to come up with things that are good about” about these practices that aren’t borne out by scientific analysis.

In high outbreak states like California and Pennsylvania, these practices accomplished nothing — the same true everywhere else.

“Data indicate that more than nine out of every 10 Americans in most states are wearing masks in public regularly.”

“Those numbers have been above 80% since the early fall.” 

“Yet average positive covid-19 tests have multiplied by nearly seven times since (last) spring…”

Americans are consistently and repeatedly lied to by government officials, Pharma, and their media press agents.

What’s vital for everyone to know is suppressed.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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