Biden/Harris to Remain Tough on China

Biden/Harris to Remain Tough on China

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In 2011, Obama/Biden announced their Asia pivot to advance America’s military in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong.

What’s gone on for the last decade continues under Biden/Harris.

It’s all about seeking to weaken, contain, and isolate China — aiming to undermine the nation politically, economically, industrially, technologically and militarily.

A similar strategy is used against Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and other nations on the US target list for regime change.

The ultimate aim is wanting them transformed into pro-Western vassal states, their sovereignty lost to a higher power in Washington.

The policy consistently fails, yet continues unabated, how the scourge of US imperialism operates — notably by waging endless wars by hot and other means on invented enemies.

No real ones exist so they have to be invented. 

The longstanding strategy is contributing to Washington’s decline, yet persists anyway.

After being confirmed as Biden/Harris war secretary, Lloyd Austin spoke to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, and his counterparts in Japan, South Korea, Australia and India.

Biden’s double represents him publicly because the real Joe Biden is too cognitively impaired to conduct affairs of state — a disturbing situation suppressed by establishment media, supporting the ruse.

Remarks below largely refer to Biden’s double, not the hollow shell of what remains of the measure of the man in his current state. 

“Biden” and Japanese Prime Minister Suga reportedly discussed Washington’s unwavering commitment to the defense of Japan under Article 5 of their mutual security treaty — at a time when neither the US or Japan face real threats, just invented ones, mainly nonbelligerent China threatening no one.

Austin reportedly told his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh that the US remains committed to the US-India Major Defense Partnership.

US engagement with other nations is all about confronting China and other nations free from its control.

According to international relations expert Li Haidong:

“Biden is trying to woo US partners in the Indo-Pacific region by sending goodwill signals.” 

“Those signals carried a clear message that joining hands with partners in this region to counter China will still be a major goal of Biden’s Indo-Pacific policy.”

Biden/Harris are likely to continue Trump’s anti-China agenda — couched in different rhetoric, objectives similar.

Li added that “(t)he core of the US’ Indo-Pacific strategy is to kick off an all-round strategic competition with China. We should have a clear picture of it.”

According to China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijian:

“The US-Japan security treaty is a product of the Cold War.” 

“It should not jeopardize the interests of a third party, nor should it put regional peace and stability in risk.”

International affairs expert Wang Yiwei believes that Japan, India, and other Indo-Pacific countries are leery about Washington’s regional aims, adding:

They prioritize their own interests that often differ from Washington’s, notably on relations with China — a valued trade partner too important to lose.

They also understand that US relations with other countries prioritize its own interests that often differ sharply from allied nations it seeks to co-opt in furthering them.

They understand chaotic conditions in Washington in the run-up to and aftermath of last November’s election.

They also know that “US meddling is destroying regions such as the Middle East,” Wang explained, adding:

“(T)hey are cautious about siding with the US (in) an all-round confrontation with China. Regional stability matters to all of them.”

Britain, France, Germany, and other European countries value normal trade and investment relations with China — so differ with Washington on these issues.

Before taking office, dark forces controlling Biden/Harris signaled continued US toughness on China.

According to a European Council on Foreign Relations report on EU and UK relations with China, these countries are neutral toward hardline US policies toward Beijing.

About one-third of European countries are leery about trusting the US going forward because of Trump’s geopolitical agenda.

The Sino/European investment deal shows uncertainty about US leadership longterm because of China’s growing economic power.

Blinken reportedly told his Philippines counterpart Teodoro Locsin that the US defense treaty with the island state includes the South China Sea.

Policies of Biden/Harris will likely continue Obama/Biden’s Asia pivot.

Politico reported that the new US regime in charge “wants to avoid another quagmire in the Middle East” so intend to focus heavily on the Indo-Pacific.

Reported architect of Obama/Biden’s Asia pivot Kurt Campbell was appointed head of Biden/Harris’ Indo-Pacific affairs.

He prioritizes great power competition with China and Russia.

On Friday, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US must be “prepared to act (and) impose costs on China on issues relating to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and phony charges of what Pompeo falsely called “genocide” in Xinjiang against its Muslim population.

The new US regime prioritizes countering China, Russia, Iran, and other nations on its target list for regime change.

Hawks dominate Biden/Harris’ geopolitical team. 

They’ll likely continue dirty business as usual on the word stage — at the expense of peace, stability and cooperate relations with other nations.

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