Is Mandatory US Covid Vaxxing Coming? Part II

Is Mandatory US Covid Vaxxing Coming? Part II

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman 

The threat of mandatory covid vaxxing by federal, state, local authorities, and/or employers, businesses across the board, schools, and for access to public places should terrify everyone.

As explained earlier, all vaccines contain hazardous to health toxins and should be avoided.

Covid vaccines already showed they’re extremely dangerous because of their fast-tracked development, inadequate testing, experimental technology, and numerous adverse events from vaxxing, including deaths.

High risks to health will be best understood after the fact when it’s too late to undo likely widespread harm to countless numbers of vaxxed people.

Because of the hazards posed by covid vaccines and their inadequate testing, they’re unapproved by the FDA — yet are being used anyway under so-called emergency conditions that don’t exist.

They’re invented, not real, to push mass-vaxxing with what demands mass rejection to protect health and well-being.

FDA guidelines for use of Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines explain their unapproved status, stating:

“There is no US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines are “unapproved,” adding:

These vaccines “may not protect everyone…The duration of (alleged) protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown.”

FDA acknowledged potential side effects include “pain, tenderness and swelling of the lymph nodes in the same arm of the injection, swelling (hardness), redness, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, chills, nausea and vomiting, fever, (and at times)  severe allergic reaction.”

The latter includes “difficulty breathing, swelling of your face and throat, a fast heartbeat, a bad rash all over your body, dizziness, weakness,” and possible anaphylactic shock that risks death.

Omitted by the FDA are potential longer-term threats that include major illnesses like cancer, diabetes, autism, and heart disease.

Vaccines don’t protect as claimed. When used as directed, they risk serious harm to health and well-being — why avoiding them is crucial.

The FDA, HHS, CDC, and other US public health agencies protect Pharma, not ordinary Americans, from harm when using vaccines and other drugs that are potentially hazardous to health.

Many noted doctors and scientists warned against use of covid vaccines because of potentially hazardous side effects.

Mandatory covid vaxxing if ordered in the US will breach the Nuremberg Code, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and other international laws.

A previous article explained that US workers can be let go by employers for refusing to be vaxxed — with exceptions for religious and medical reasons, not easily gotten at times.

It’s largely an issue for individual states and local communities to set standards.

Along with federal authorities, state and local ones most often favor monied interests over the public welfare.

Promoting mass-vaxxing for covid is intense, potential harm to health ignored.

While federal, state and local authorities can mandate vaxxing, Children’s Health Defense president Mary Holland and vaccine rights attorney Greg Glaser explained the following:

Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines are OK’d for emergency use only.

“Under 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3, “authorization (of) medical products for use in emergencies,” cannot be mandatory because what’s OK’d under these conditions hasn’t received FDA approval.

Holland and Glaser further explained that federal emergency authorization use “trumps state (and local communities’) law.”

According to the FDA:

The agency “believes that the terms and conditions of an EUA issued under section 564 preempt state or local law, both legislative requirements and common-law duties, that impose different or additional requirements on the medical product for which the EUA was issued in the context of the emergency declared under section 564.” 

“In an emergency, it is critical that the conditions that are part of the EUA or an order or waiver issued pursuant to section 564A — those that FDA has determined to be necessary or appropriate to protect the public health—be strictly followed, and that no additional conditions be imposed.”

In August 2020, CDC executive secretary of its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Dr. Amanda Cohn said the following:

“(U)nder an Emergency Use Authorization, an EUA, vaccines are not allowed to be mandatory.” 

“So, early in this vaccination phase, individuals will have to be consented and they won’t be able to be mandated.”

“A private party, such as an employer, school or hospital, cannot circumvent the EUA law.”

“Nowhere in the (FDA’s) fact sheet does it specify that a person may be fired from their employment, denied education, disciplined or otherwise discriminated against for refusal” to be vaxxed against covid.

The FDA Fact Sheet for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (and Moderna’s) states:

“It is your choice to receive or not receive” vaxxing for covid.

“Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care.” 

“(P)eople cannot lose healthcare coverage for refusal,” Holland and Glaser explained — nor be punished in other ways.

If private businesses or other entities go another way, they’ll be subject of civil liability actions against their practices, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Key is that what’s legally the case now may change ahead. 

At some point, one or more covid vaccines are likely to receive FDA approval.

If and when it happens, federal, state, and local communities can legally mandate covid vaxxing for access to public places.

Employers, schools, and other entities will be free to act in similar fashion.

If mass-vaxxing for covid is mandated ahead, the potential for widespread harm to health will be enormous.

Mass-action will be vital, aided by competent legal help, to protect what’s too precious to lose.

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