NYT Mass Deception About Misnamed Covid

NYT Mass Deception About Misnamed Covid

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT operates as a virtual press agent for US dark forces.

Consistently suppressing what’s vital for everyone to know, it features state-approved rubbish.

It’s playing a leading mass deception role about seasonal flu-renamed covid — promoting hazardous to health covid vaxxing that demands rejection, not acceptance.

Last week, Times disinformation said the following:

A “majority” of US residents “are at an extremely high risk for contracting covid right now (sic), according to an analysis of coronavirus case and testing data by the Times and public health experts (sic).”

Fact: There is ZERO risk of contracting what doesn’t exist.

Fact: So-called covid is renamed seasonal flu.

Fact: Seasonal flu/influenza outbreaks last year and this one to date are no different than in the vast majority of earlier flu seasons.

Fact: Claims otherwise by the NYT and other Big Media are fabricated.

Fact: Unlike earlier flu seasons, reporting last year through January is part of a state-sponsored — Big Pharma/Big Media — mass deception campaign for mass-vaxxing with harmful to health covid vaccines.

Fact: Maintaining health and well-being demands rejection of what’s widely promoted.

Vaccines risk harm to health, not the other way around.

Experimental, fast-tracked covid vaccines offer no protection with a far greater risk of harm — why it’s crucial to avoid them to stay safe from their toxins that at times are deadly.

Daily reported deaths attributed to covid are from seasonal flu/influenza.

Official numbers are no greater than in the vast majority of earlier years.

Claims otherwise by the Times and other Big Media are bald-faced Big Lies.

No inordinate risk to contracting seasonal flu-renamed covid exists — not last year or this one to date and going forward.

What the Times called “overpowering…transparent, real time information about what people’s risks are” is code language for ongoing mass deception.

Claiming “the overall covid risk level throughout the country is much worse than earlier” is brazen lying — a Times specialty on all major issues, why it can never be trusted.

The same goes for all establishment media. Independent alternative sources alone are reliable, mostly online.

Ignore Big Media proliferated rubbish on misnamed covid and other major issues.

Their mission is mass deception, not journalism as it should be, what they long ago abandoned.

Fake news by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT ranks with the worst around.

What’s promoted in its daily editions is polar opposite what free and open societies cherish. 

No inordinate risk for contracting renamed seasonal flu exists. 

Ignore establishment media promoted Big Lies otherwise — notably by willful Times mass deception.

Other print and electronic Big Media share guilt.

Nearly all positive PCR test results for covid are FALSE. 

Yet the Times and other establishment media push their use — ignoring their worthlessness.

Virtually everything in the Times report titled “covid risk in your county and guide for daily life near you” is fake news rubbish.

“(P)rotecting yourself and others” demands ignoring its state-approved propaganda report.

The Times propaganda piece is a virtual commercial for hazardous covid mass-vaxxing.

It ignores the high risk of harm to health the publication clearly doesn’t give a hoot about.

Along with other Big Media, the Times backs diabolical aims behind what’s going on and maximum profits for Pharma.

That’s what its propaganda piece is all about — some of the worst reported rubbish in Times history to be rejected, not accepted.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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