Putin Cites Risks of Global Conflict

Putin Cites Risk of Global Conflict

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

What’s unthinkable is possible because of US rage to dominate other nations by whatever it takes to achieve its imperial aims.

They’re what global conflicts are made of that twice since the early 20th century raped and destroyed other countries in Europe, East Asia, and North Africa.

Never again rings hollow when overridden by US imperial rage, endless wars by hot and other means its favored strategies in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Days earlier, Vladimir Putin addressed the World Economic Forum (WEF) virtually from Moscow.

His remarks always feature straight talk in sharp contrast to US and other Western double talk mass deception.

Putin warned about the risk of another global conflict because of heightened tensions not easing.

Saying today he hopes “a global hot conflict (is) in principle impossible,” he stressed that “the situation can develop unpredictably and uncontrollably.”

Are today’s disturbing events similar to what developed in the 1930s that preceded WW II?

“(M)any parameters” are disturbing, “including the comprehensive, systemic nature of the challenges and potential threats,” he said.

What’s going on affects “international relations and is not making them more stable or predictable.” 

“International institutions are becoming weaker, regional conflicts are emerging one after another, and the system of global security is deteriorating.”

If what’s happening leads to global war in the nuclear age, it could be “the of humanity” if things spin out of control.

When war erupts, it’s unclear how far things will go.

Father of America’s nuclear navy Admiral Hyman Rickover told congressional members in the 1980s that when conflicts occur, warring sides will use whatever weapons exist in their arsenals to win, a frightening prospect if the US attacks Russia or China.

In today’s environment, it’s possible to face “a formidable break-down in global development, which will be fraught with a war of all against all and attempts to deal with contradictions through the appointment of internal and external enemies and the destruction of not only traditional values such as the family, which we hold dear in Russia, but fundamental freedoms such as the right of choice and privacy,” Putin explained.

“We have a shared responsibility to prevent this scenario, which looks like a grim dystopia, and to ensure instead that our development takes a different trajectory – positive, harmonious and creative.”

In recent decades, Putin stressed that global growth unequally affected people in the West and elsewhere.

The privileged few benefitted hugely at the expense of most others, an untenable situation longterm, but nothing is being done in the West for greater equity, just the opposite.

Since 2000, poverty in the US and other Western countries grew exponentially, especially since economic collapse last year.

Things are worsening, not improving at a time of eroding global security.

Extending New START for another five years is a positive step.

It won’t resolve major disagreements that can trigger catastrophic global conflict like WW I and II.

Putin also stressed the growing threat posed by tech and other corporate giants that adversely affect the lives and welfare of millions of people worldwide.

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter and others got away with censoring Trump unaccountably.

If they can silence a US president online, most everyone else is at risk of similar repressive mistreatment or worse.

They can silence anyone for exercising their constitutional right of free expression without which all other rights are threatened.

Putin expressed concern about soured relations between EU countries and Russia, adding:

“We share some fundamental features. We have shared culture.” 

“The greatest political figures of Europe’s recent past pointed at the necessity to develop ties between Europe and Russia, stressing that the latter is, in fact, a part of the former – both geographically and, what is most important, culturally.” 

“In the essence, we are one civilization.”

Putin knows that most Europeans countries are an appendage of Washington’s imperial agenda, that they’re hostile toward Russia for its sovereign independence, not for any threat posed by its leadership.

One day that may change but it’s highly unlikely to be anytime soon.

The US and its imperial allies want Putin replaced by pro-Western puppet rule, Russia transformed into a vassal state.

Moscow’s good faith outreach to the US and its imperial allies is consistently rebuffed.

The only language these nations understand is toughness. Diplomatic outreach fails whenever tried.

Russian relations with the West are more likely to worsen than improve ahead.

That’s the disturbing reality that Putin’s good faith outreach won’t change.

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