When Is an Alleged Vaccine Not One?

When Is an Alleged Vaccine Not One?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman

Besides the enormous dangers they pose to health and well-being, misnamed Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” aren’t what they’re promoted to be.

Since Big Media-support for covid mass-vaxxing began last year, the public has been lied to across the board about the illness that shows up annually and highly dangerous DNA altering technology called vaccines.

Alleged Pfizer and Modena “vaccines” are hazardous gene modifying delivery systems.

They don’t protect and risk serious harm to health that includes possible death if used as directed.

As I’ve explained many times, so-called covid is renamed seasonal flu/influenza for which no vaccine is needed.

CDC data explain that this illness affects millions of Americans annually, resulting in hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of death.

The same thing repeats annually like clockwork each flu season — unaccompanied by fear-mongering produced mass hysteria and other harmful to health and freedom destroying practices in play for the past year with no end of them in prospect.

Instead of exposing and condemning what’s gone on, Big Media are in the vanguard supporting what no free societies would tolerate.

Lockdowns, quarantines, harmful to health face masks that don’t protect, disruptive of normal human interactions by unacceptable social distancing, and toxic mass-vaxxing are the stuff police state societies are made of.

The above is the ugly reality of what’s going on in the US, West and elsewhere — what demands rejection, not acceptance of what’s destroying free and open societies.

Truth-telling medical professionals and scientists warned about the hazards of experimental/unapproved mRNA “vaccines” that don’t meet the medical definition of what a vaccine is supposed to do.

Virologist Judy Mikovits explained that large numbers of people are dying after being vaxxed for covid — largely the elderly with weakened immune systems.

Big Media mass deception for mass inoculations with potentially deadly toxins amounts to support for state-sponsored mass murder, along with infecting millions of vaxxed individuals with dangerous DNA altering toxins that risk irreversible life altering harm to health.

According to Mikovits, mislabeled mRNA vaccines are experimental gene therapy inoculations that don’t produce immunity to seasonal flu-renamed covid.

They’re not designed to prevent illness.

At most, they’re able to modestly reduce symptoms short-term at the cost of jabbing dangerous toxins into our bodies.

No evidence exists to show that what Moderna calls its mRNA “gene therapy technology” can protect against “covid” or any other viral infection.

Promoting use of these “vaccines” for this purpose is a colossal mass deception scam — risking serious harm to health and no protection.

We’re being systematically lied to by Big Government in cahoots with Big Pharma and Big Media.

The conclusion is clear and unequivocal.

Protecting and preserving health requires rejection of these mislabeled vaccines — refusing to be a lab rat for maximum Pharma profit-making.

This issue isn’t going away any time soon.

Staying free from harm to health requires following reliable independent sources of truth-telling information exclusively.

Corporate-owned fourth estate media are press agents for wealth, power and privilege —  serving their interests exclusively at the expense of harming public health and welfare.

Avoid them!

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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