Implacable Biden Regime Hostility Toward Iran

Implacable Biden Regime Hostility Toward Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On all things Iran and other nations free from US imperial control, its rage to colonize them drives its hegemonic agenda.

On Thursday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the following:

“We have not seen (any positive signs or) goodwill on the part of the” Biden regime since taking office on January 20.

“Its rhetoric may have changed, but what is important is action.” 

“Therefore, we should see what it will do in practice to make up for (Trump’s) crimes.”

His maximum pressure remains hard-wired Biden regime policy.

Based on its actions and rhetoric over the past few weeks, the new US regime is like its predecessor with a party label difference.

Endless war on Iran continues with no signs of reversing what’s in breach of international and US constitutional law.

Along with Russia, Iran is in the vanguard of combatting US created and supported regional terrorism.

“We will continue to fight against” this scourge, Rouhani stressed, adding:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran declares loudly that it wants friendship with countries that want friendship with Iran.” 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran loudly declares that the region’s problems should be resolved by the regional countries” with no foreign interference.

“Iran has fulfilled all its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal, not the US and the three European countries,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stressed, adding: 

“If they want Iran to return to its commitments, the US must lift all sanctions first.”

Both right wings of the US war party demand everything from other nations, offering nothing in return but empty promises to be broken.

The Biden regime is like its predecessors.

There’s virtually no prospect of it pursing improved relations with Iran or other nations free from US control.

On Friday, Blinken spokesman Price continued the Biden regime’s war of words on Iran, falsely saying:

The country “has taken a number of steps in recent months, in recent years to move away from the 2015 Iran deal (sic).”

Fact: Iran remains in full compliance with its JCPOA, NPT, UN Charter, and other international law obligations.

Fact: The US and E3 countries are in flagrant breach of all of the above.

It’s for them to fulfill obligations they violated, not Iran that respects and adheres to the rule of law.

Price saying Biden “seek(s) to lengthen and strengthen provisions of (the JCPOA), using it as a platform to negotiate follow-on agreements, to address other areas of concern…including Iran’s ballistic missile program” is clear evidence that his pledge to comply with its provisions was hollow. 

Separately, Price repeated earlier Biden regime Big Lies about Russia.

He lied accusing Moscow of human rights abuses — a longstanding US specialty, not how Russia under Vladimir Putin operates.

He lied about legitimate actions by Russian security forces against US-enlisted rent-a-mob violence in Moscow and other cities.

He lied about convicted felon, CIA asset fifth column Judas goat Navalny.

He lied accusing Russia of “a range of malign activities.”

He lied claiming Moscow “use(d) a chemical weapon (in an attempt to kill) Navalny.”

He lied claiming Russia paid “bounties (to kill) American soldiers in Afghanistan.”

His daily remarks reflecting Biden regime policies show no change in US hostility toward nations free from its control.

It shows continued US dirty business as usual at home and abroad.

It shows endless US war on humanity rages with no letup. 

It shows that when transition of power occurs in Washington — by fair or foul means — names and faces alone change.

The scourge of US imperial remains the same.

It’s the implacable enemy of freedom-loving people everywhere under both right wings of its war party. 

A Final Comment

E3 countries Britain, France and Germany are as implacably hostile toward Iran as the US — while at times pretending otherwise.

The latest example of their war on Iran by other means in cahoots with US interests came in a fabricated Friday joint statement.

They unjustifiably expressed “grave concern” about Iran’s legitimate production of uranium metal.

They lied claiming that “Iran has no credible civilian justification for these activities, which are a key step in the development of a nuclear weapon (sic).”

Nothing remotely connects Iranian uranium metal production to nuke development. 

It’s solely for legitimate commercial use as E3 countries know but falsely claimed otherwise.

In cahoots with Biden regime hardliners, E3 countries falsely accused Iran of “undermin(ing)” JCPOA compliance.

Like the US, they flagrantly breached their obligations, not Tehran.

They and the US remain in breach of Security Council Res. 2231 that unanimously affirmed the landmark agreement.

They likely have no intention of returning to compliance — focusing instead on wrongfully blaming Iran for their own breach of the landmark agreement. 

The JCPOA hangs by a thread. 

As things now stand, it’ll likely dissolve altogether because the US and E3 countries refuse to comply with its provisions.

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