Misinformation About Hank Aaron’s Death

Misinformation About Hank Aaron’s Death

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since baseball legend Hank Aaron’s tragic death 17 days after being inoculated with what Moderna calls its “gene therapy technology” — that transforms individuals irreversibly into genetically modified organisms — coverup of what caused his passing followed.

When inoculated, Aaron reported no signs of ill health.

Media reported claims of his passing naturally were uncorroborated because no autopsy was performed.

Along with other establishment media, the NYT lied claiming otherwise, on January 31 saying:

“The Fulton County medical examiner…said there was nothing to suggest that Mr. Aaron had an allergic or anaphylactic reaction related to” his Moderna inoculation (sic).

On Friday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposed the Big Lie, saying the following:

“The Fulton County medical examiner said the coroner never saw Aaron’s body, much less conducted an examination.” 

“By implying that the Fulton County coroner conducted an autopsy, the New York Times and other media outlets deceived their readers.”

Falsely citing the coroner’s office, the Times compounded its Big Lie by claiming that “the covid vaccine did not kill Hank Aaron.”

The Times and other Big Media proclaimed that his death was “unrelated” to inoculation by Moderna’s DNA altering technology that masquerades as a vaccine which it’s not.

It’s an unapproved, high-risk, hazardous to health technology that provides no protection from seasonal flu-renamed covid.

RFK Jr. added the following:

“In an embarrassing disclosure for the mainstream Pharmedia, the Fulton County coroner’s office denies that any of its staff ever saw Aaron’s body, much less conducted an examination.” 

“Candace, a medical examiner investigator for the Fulton County coroner’s office, told me, “His body was never here. We declined jurisdiction. There was never any autopsy.”

“Contrary to the positions of the so-called “Fact Checkers” and others, no one can say that the Moderna vaccine killed Aaron, and no one can rule it out as a culprit.”

Woefully inadequate Moderna trials included no one over age-80, only 20 individuals aged-70 or over.

Its test subjects were screened to include the most healthy ones alone.

Its poorly done trials revealed nothing about the safety of its technology on the general public.

RFK Jr. explained that its “study results were bristling with red flags.” 

“Despite the extreme vitality of its elite participants, Moderna’s Phase I clinical trial reported astonishingly high injury rates.” 

“A stunning 100% of vaccine recipients suffered adverse events.” 

“Moreover, 6% of the low-dose group (1 in 20) and 21% of the high-dose group (1 in 5) reported ‘serious injuries’ so grave that they required medical intervention or hospitalization.”

Despite all of the above red flags, Moderna was given emergency use authorization — when no emergency exists — to unleash its toxins on potentially tens of millions of Americans and many others abroad.

What’s going on amounts to “a mass population-wide science experiment with an unapproved and unusually dangerous drug on millions of” unwitting human guinea pigs.

Moderna’s gene altering technology should be banned, not permitted to be used on anyone.

mRNA technology used by the company and Pfizer is extremely hazardous to human health.

In 2017, Moderna abandoned it and lipid nanoparticles also used because tests caused large numbers of adverse effects.

Yet millions of Americans and others abroad were already inoculated with these toxins that are falsely called vaccines.

Mass-inoculations continue unchecked. 

Many thousands of adverse effects, including hundreds of deaths, were already reported.

Official CDC data represent only about 1% of actual numbers of people harmed and who perished from what never should have been given emergency or any other kind of authorization use.

Was 86-year-old Hank Aaron’s death natural as widely reported or did Moderna’s high-risk, experimental, hazardous to health gene altering technology kill him?

Draw your own conclusion. 

I strongly suspect that he’d be alive and well today if not inoculated with what no one wanting their health protected and preserved should touch.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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