Russian Foreign Ministry on Phony US Support for Democratic Rights and Other Issues

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Phony US Support for Democratic Rights and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed phony US support for free expression, assembly and peaceful protests.

It’s at a time when when its ruling authorities increasingly crack down on fundamental freedoms, tolerating no opposition to their hardline, anti-democratic rule.

MZ referred to orchestrated anti-Russia rallies for two straight weekends, more likely ahead in the spring.

Calling them “provocati(ve),” she stressed that their goal aims to destabilize the country, adding:

“These attempts are doomed to failure,” what the US-dominated West knows but pursues anyway.

“It is quite shocking and outrageous that the initiators and performers of this information campaign targeting our country are increasingly turning to illegal means.” 

“Not just stretched thin or allowing different interpretations, but downright illegal.”

Western dark forces recruited young teenagers for involvement in the scheme, “us(ing) them as a human shield or as a target audience for their information attacks, during illegal demonstrations in Russian cities.” 

“This is unacceptable. Nobody can get away with such interference in our internal affairs.”

Ruling authorities in the US and West are also waging war on media freedom, said MZ.

Russian language media have been targeted in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe — these unacceptable actions supported by the Biden regime.

Social media in the US are part of a growing diabolical war on free expression.

Accounts of Trump and other high-profile figures were blocked, including in France, MZ saying:

“In late December 2020, French senator Sebastien Meurant’s Twitter account was blocked on a far-fetched pretext…for expressing an opinion,” adding: 

“This is not the only such case. The online magazine Boulevard Voltaire suffered the same fate for using a portion of the famous painting by Eugene Delacroix Liberty Leading the People as a logo.” 

“This is nothing short of a travesty. This painting is the symbol of France known beyond France and is seen as that country’s symbol by many countries and peoples.” 

“Twitter referred to it as ‘violation of rules governing graphic violence and adult content.’ ”

The Macron and Biden regimes are silent on what’s going on in the country, along with similar abuses elsewhere.

Censorship in and by the West is the new abnormal — speech, media and academic freedoms diverging from the official narrative under attack.

What just societies cherish and support is increasingly banned in the US and other Western countries, notably online.

Along with the UK, Ukraine and other European countries, the Netherlands is a hotbed of anti-Russia totalitarian rule.

According to MZ, “Dutch editions Trouw and De Groene Amsterdammer released materials accusing Russia and China of allegedly sending spies to the Netherlands under the guise of technical experts (sic).” 

“A scheme was published under which Moscow and Beijing invited specialists, provided them with visa support and resolved their migration issues.” 

“Reportedly, this so-called ‘work’ was carried out through Dutch businesses and branches of Russian and Chinese organizations in the Netherlands.”

No evidence corroborated these phony accusations because none exists.

MZ called what’s going on “a put-up job” with no legitimacy against Moscow and Beijing.

Separately, MZ criticized the US for deploying B-1B strategic bombers to Norway for joint exercises with its air force, saying:

“We perceive Oslo’s decision as another step in a series of similar actions to expand military activity in the extreme north and in direct proximity to Russian borders.”

In cahoots with the US, Oslo “threaten(s) regional security” by permitting foreign forces and bases on its territory when facing no external threats.

Commenting on “illegitimate restrictive measures” by the West against Russia, MZ said the following:

The US and EU “grab the sanctions lever whenever it is faced with the firm determination of Russia and other sovereign states to defend their own legitimate interests, to refuse to allow undisguised interference in their internal affairs or to do the bidding of Western architects of the rules-based international order.”

What’s going on aims to undermine relations between Russia and the West, what MZ called “reckless.”

She also slammed “Brussels’  disregard for flagrant violations of media freedoms and rights of Russian speakers in the Baltic states and Ukraine, as well as…brutal repression of protests and dissent.”

US dominated Western nations are totalitarian police states that masquerade as democratic.

Heading toward full-blown tyranny, they risk severing already greatly strained relations with Moscow altogether by their unacceptable actions.

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