Trump Acquitted of Phony Charge As Expected

Trump Acquitted of Phony Charge As Expected

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s all over but the postmortems. Trump’s five day Senate trial ended as expected with acquittal. More on this below.

Trump remains unaccountable for crimes of war, against humanity, breaching the public trust and other offenses he committed. 

None of the above were part of his year ago politicized Senate show trial — nor Act II now over.

He’s innocent of earlier charges and the current one. 

They’re phony without a leg to stand on. 

Not a shred of credible evidence provides proof because there is none.

Trump had nothing to do with inciting insurrection on Capitol Hill that didn’t occur in the first place.

Witch hunt Dems and complicit media lied and mass deceived the public claiming otherwise.

What occurred earlier and currently are two of the most disgraceful political chapters in US history.

They further blackened the nation’s already sullied image — a rogue state masquerading as democratic, what it never was, isn’t now, and won’t tolerate anywhere.

Despite no evidence linking Trump to the allegation of inciting insurrection on Capitol Hill that didn’t happen, NYT editors pronounced him guilty by accusation.

Disgracing themselves more than already — no simple task — they roared the following:

“There’s no doubt who must be held responsible for attacking the Capitol (sic) and trying to overturn the results of the election (sic).”

The January 6 Capitol Hill episode was an orchestrated anti-Trump false flag.

Aided and directed to where they wanted to go by guards, bussed in hooligans stormed the main building, not Trump supporters whose actions were lawful.

Instead of reporting accurately about what happened, the NYT and other anti-Trump media pronounced him guilty by accusation — despite no evidence proving the phony charge.

Screaming for his unjustifiable conviction, debauched Times editors recited a litany of beginning-to-end bald-faced Big Lies, typical Times misinformation, disinformation and fake news it features on all major issues.

“If you fail to hold him accountable, it can happen again,” the Times deceptively roared.

Charging, prosecuting and convicting someone without supportive evidence is what police state injustice is all about.

It’s what Times editors demand. They should be in the dock, not Trump.

They’re guilty of endless counts of fake news propaganda pretending to be real news and information.

No “mob of Trump supporters sacked the US Capitol,” no “attack on America’s democracy” that doesn’t exist.

“Trump stands (falsely) charged with inciting of insurrection.”

The Times stands guilty of inventing its own reality to serve its diabolical agenda against Trump in cahoots with undemocratic Dems and other dark forces.

Time and again, it finds new ways to disgrace itself.

Gray Lady presstitution substitutes for truth and full disclosure.

Earlier it called Trump’s reelection campaign “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II (sic).”

What doesn’t exist can’t be threatened.

The US is the greatest threat to virtually everything just societies hold dear.

The Times and other Big Media share guilt.

On all things Trump, it piles on one phony charge on top of others, ignoring legitimate ones.

On all things undemocratic Dems, their highest of high crimes are supported.

On all things journalism as it should be, it was long ago banned in its editions.

The Dems case against Trump was emotionally charged with no supportive evidence.

The Times lied claiming otherwise.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley slammed orchestrated proceedings by Dems, saying:

There’s no (House) record. None.”

“There was no hearing, no investigation. Just a snap impeachment” with no credible evidence backing it.

According to undemocratic Dems, the Times and other anti-Trump media, no proof is needed to pronounce guilt as charged.

Turley: “(T)he burden is on (Dems), and they presented an entirely circumstantial case” proving nothing.

So much for the democratic process, due process and judicial fairness. They’re off the table when conflict with diabolical aims of US dark forces.

When it comes to Trump for Dems and other diabolical aims they pursue, the above aren’t tolerated — how all police states operate.

At the 11th hour with proceedings nearing an end, Dems and five Republicans agreed to call witnesses, delaying closing arguments and a floor vote.

Reversing the above followed, no witnesses called.

Final arguments were made Saturday.

Earlier in the day, it was unclear when Trump’s witch hunt show trial would end.

It’s been very clear all along that no credible evidence supports the phony inciting insurrection charge.

It’s clear as well that democracy and rule of law in the US don’t exist.

Later on Saturday, Trump’s politicized show trial ended.

During the day, GOP Senate Minority Leader notified Republicans that he’d vote for acquittal.

As expected, Trump was acquitted by a vote of 57 – 43 vote, well shy of a two-thirds super-majority needed to convict.

Will undemocratic Dems and their Big Media press agents go for a third time around impeachment and trial — further shaming and discrediting themselves than already? 

Put nothing past the US criminal class. They keep searching for new lows and finding them.

All they achieved by impeaching and trying Trump twice on phony charges was to display their contempt for the rule of law.

On that count, they showed the world community the ugliness of their true colors!

A Final Comment

On Friday, Trump’s legal team hoisted undemocratic on their own petard.

They played videos of Dems screaming threats against Trump and his supporters in sharp contrast to DJT’s call to protest against brazen election fraud.

In 2016, Pelosi falsely accused Trump of hijacking the election, adding:

He’s “an imposter and a traitor.”

Many Dems encouraged mass anti-Trump protests and riots.

When Dem-supporting extremists rioted in Portland, OR, she failed to accuse them of staging an insurrection.

When mobs she supported destroyed public property, she and other undemocratic Dems turned a blind eye to their rampaging. 

Pelosi is a war-mongering corporate tool, a guardian of power against public health and welfare.

She supports virtually everything just societies abhor, including endless wars on humanity at home and abroad, corporate empowerment, and what benefits privileged Americans at the expense of most others.

Disgracing the office she holds,   she and her co-conspirators belong in the dock — accountability for their abuses of power long overdue.

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