Nothing Civil About US-Led Aggression in Syria

Nothing Civil About US-Led Aggression in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Nearly 10 years after Obama/Biden launched aggression against nonbelligerent Syria threatening no one, Biden/Harris appear hellbent on escalating more of the same.

Last week during a Security Council session, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia highlighted the problem posed by what he called “pseudo-humanitarian organizations created by Western special services,” adding: 

“Instead of pursuing their proclaimed noble goals, they are used for provocations and inciting conflicts.” 

“The ‘White Helmets’ are a sad example of this.” 

“They are closely linked to (US/NATO/Israeli supported) terrorists,” including ISIS, al-Qaeda and its al-Nusra and other regional offshoots.

“The(ir) financing…does not stop. Remarkably, after the defeat of ISIS in Syria, representatives of the ‘White Helmets’ were transferred to neighboring countries, with Western sponsors promising to take them along.” 

“But apparently things got slow. There are concerns that those ‘humanitarians’ may now inspire terrorist activity on their new spots.”

Separately, Nebenzia commented on Security Council Res. 2118 (2013).

It mandated elimination of Syrian chemical weapons long ago achieved by Damascus and earlier affirmed by the OPCW.

Despite fully complying with its obligations, phony claims of noncompliance persist, said Nebenzia, adding:

“Squeezing Syria can take away all its motivation to cooperate with the OPCW.” 

“This country is living under Damocles’s sword of accusations of CWC (non)compliance.”

Unacceptable Western demands for Damascus to “declare chemical weapons that it does not have” persist.

US-dominated Western countries falsely and “deliberately (accuse Syria) of violating its obligations under the CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention)” and provisions of Res. 2118.

No evidence is ever presented to prove accusations made because none exists.

“Syria does not evade cooperating with the OPCW.” 

“It faithfully accommodates all inspections, provides materials, and demonstrates readiness for dialogue in every possible way.”

The current OPCW technical secretariat in cahoots with the West pretend otherwise.

Despite full compliance by Damascus with its obligations, “its chemical file clearly shows that as long as (Western) countries maintain political pressure…there will always be ‘unresolved issues,’ ” Nebenzia stressed.

What’s going on in Syria is reminiscent of phony claims of Iraqi WMDs under Saddam Hussein ahead of Bush/Cheney’s 2003 aggression.

Will phony claims about undeclared Syrian CWs that don’t exist be used as a pretext for escalated US-led NATO/Israeli aggression in Syria by Biden?

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, US-supported White Helmets and terrorist groups in Syria’s Idlib province are preparing another CW false flag for which Damascus will wrongfully be blamed.

On Sunday, deputy head of Russia’s Reconciliation Center at its Hmeimim military base Admiral Vyacheslav Sytnik said the following:

“We have information that members of illegal armed groups are preparing to stage a (CW) provocation in order to accuse Syrian government forces of attacking settlements in the Idlib de-escalation zone.”

Al-Qaeda affiliated Tahrir al-Sham jihadists and White Helmets equipped with video equipment were seen preparing to launch the false flag near al-Fuah village northeast of Idlib.

Last year, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service director Sergey Naryshkin said Western intelligence services directly aid jihadists and White Helmets in Syria prepare false flag chemical attacks, adding:

These elements are “fulfilling their objective within the framework of a propaganda campaign against the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Israel is heavily involved in waging undeclared war on Syria.

Over the weekend and pre-dawn Monday, it warplanes terror-bombed the Damascus countryside from Occupied Golan and northern Galilee, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Most missiles were intercepted and destroyed. Others hit targeted areas.

These cross-border attacks occur with disturbing regularity, the world community and Western media turning a blind eye to what’s been ongoing throughout most of the war.

Senior aide to Iranian Foreign Minister Zari, Ali Asghar Khaji, slammed Israeli support for jihadists in Syria, warning the Netanyahu regime at the same time, saying the following:

“While the Syrian government is fighting terrorists, Israel supports them,” adding:

Iran’s “presence in Syria is aimed at combating ISIS and other terrorist groups, but if Israel wants to cross the ‘red lines,’ it will face the toughest response, which will make them regret their actions.” 

Last week, an unnamed Biden intelligence official said the US and Israel coordinate terror-bombing of targeted areas in Syria, including the latest ones.

The Pentagon reportedly is establishing a new base in Kurdish controlled Syria.

Increased numbers of US troops, equipment and weapons entered the country from Iraq.

According to the Middle East Eye, Israel since December “staged some of its biggest strikes yet inside Syria…”

They “concentrated on Al Bukamal, the Syrian city that controls the border checkpoint on the main Baghdad-Damascus highway.”

“The widening military campaign was part of a so-called ‘campaign within wars, which, according to Israeli generals and regional intelligence sources, have been tacitly approved by the United States.”

Is what’s happening prelude to escalate war in Syria by Washington?

Endless war continues with no signs of possible resolution under Biden.

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