Frayed Russian Ties with the West

Frayed Russian Ties with the West

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

While breaking up is hard to do and not Russia’s choice, that’s perhaps where things are heading if hostile Western policies toward Moscow continue to escalate.

Last week, Sergey Lavrov said Russia is prepared to cut ties with EU countries if the bloc imposes sanctions that harm its economy and people.

“(A)nyone who is even slightly interested in the situation in Europe has long known that a break-off has been underway for many years now.” 

“The EU has been consistently tearing down our relations.”

In response, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow prefers solidifying ties with the West.

But if the EU escalates unjustifiable sanctions war on Russia, “that causes damage to our infrastructure and our interests, then Russia should be ready in advance (to respond to) these hostile steps.”

On Monday, Lavrov elaborated on his days earlier remarks, saying the following:

“(A)nyone who is even slightly interested in the situation in Europe has long known that a break-off has been underway for many years now.” 

The US and EU have been unravelling relations with Russia.

EU support for Obama/Biden’s 2014 coup in Ukraine was a key tipping point.

Fascist tyranny replaced democracy in Europe’s heartland. 

Hostile relations took over from cooperative ties between Russia and the West, with Ukraine as well.

The latter nation shares a near-1,500 mile land and sea with Russia — the longest pro-Western frontier with the country.   

The illegitimate regime running things in Kiev is at war on its own people.

It’s waging US-directed cold war on Russia, along with committing appalling human rights abuses – with full support and encouragement from Washington and key NATO countries.

Rick Rozoff earlier explained that Ukraine is “the decisive linchpin in plans by the US and its NATO allies to effect a military cordon sanitaire, severing Russia from Europe.” 

It’s part of a sinister plot that risks eventual East/West confrontation.

Vladimir Putin earlier said “(t)he appearance on our borders of a powerful military bloc…will be considered by Russia as a direct threat to our country’s security,” adding: 

Russian missiles will target Ukraine if it joins NATO or allows Washington’s (solely for offense) missile defense shield to be installed in the country.

On Monday, Lavrov explained that EU support for the Obama/Biden coup in Ukraine showed bloc complicity with their diabolical, anti-Russia agenda.

While events were unfolding in Ukraine at the time, then-President Victor Yanukovych agreed to an EU mediated resolution.

It stipulated return to Ukraine’s 2004 Constitution, along with holding elections before end of 2014, and formation of a “government of national trust.”

What Yanukovych agreed to in hopes of resolving differences with opposition elements and the West was breached straightaway by the EU and US, ousting him from office.

Lavrov accused the EU bloc of a humiliating betrayal.

It’s been “indifferent” toward lawless “attacks (on) Crimea(ns)” and Donbass residents since early 2014.

In cahoots with US dark forces, the EU supports “ultra-radicals and neo-Nazi” putchists in Kiev.

After they usurped power, they and the West “put all the blame on the Russian Federation,” said Lavrov.

By so doing, they “destroyed all mechanisms without exception that existed on the basis of an agreement on partnership and cooperation.”

From then to now, Russian relations with the US and EU have existed largely in name only.

Bending to Washington’s will, bloc countries partnered with its war on Russia by other means.

Relations between Moscow and the West are tenuous at best.

Lavrov called them “sporadic” on some issues of mutual concern — a frenemy relationship far removed from a normal one.

He stressed that Moscow is “ready to consider any issue, but occasional meetings do not necessarily mean we have relations.” 

“We are willing to discuss these matters in cases where they are in Russia’s interests, as well.”

But it’s “impossible not to take into account the EU’s connivance in relation to gross violations of the rights of Russian-speakers, ethnic Russians, the Russian language and culture and the attacks on the Russian language and Russian culture, which we see in the Baltic states, Ukraine and a number of other countries.”

“(C)riminal cases are opened against Russian-speaking journalists just because they do their job.”

“I don’t think Russia is distancing from the EU, but rather, the EU is distancing itself from everything that is Russian, including the language, culture and, hence, Russia itself.

“We must be prepared for any turn of events. It’s up to the EU what to do next.” 

“If it decides that, after all, relations must be restored and it reverses its actions designed to break them off, we will be ready for this, too.”

“The EU should not be confused with Europe. We are not leaving Europe.” 

“We have many friends and like-minded people in Europe, and we will continue to expand mutually beneficial relations with them.”

Because of US intolerance toward nations free from its control and EU subservience to Washington’s interests — even when harming its own — there’s virtually no chance of improved bilateral ties.

Believing otherwise is foolhardy thinking.

Russian relations with the West are deteriorating, not improving.

Almost straightaway in office, rhetoric by Biden and hardliners surrounding him have been hostile toward Russia and other independent countries unwilling to bow to their will.

They have no allies in Washington and the West, enemies alone.

Breaking up may be hard to do, but hostile US-led actions toward Moscow with no end of them in prospect may make it inevitable.

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