What’s Planned: Forever Mass-Jabbing for Covid

What’s Planned: Forever Mass-Jabbing for Covid 

by Stephen Lendman 

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Harmful to human health DNA altering technologies misnamed vaccines for seasonal flu-renamed covid is the greatest ever state-sponsored/mass media pomoted war on public health in the US, West and elsewhere.

Seasonal flu/influenza shows up annually from around October to May in any one or more of a number of strains that vary from one year to the next.

Vaccines for flu called shots change annually because of variations in strains.

Most Americans and others in the West diagnosed with flu have no viral infection.

So flu shots are useless. Taking them risks harm without providing protection.

According to the independent BMJ publication for healthcare professionals, “hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US.” 

“Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive.”

Because seasonal flu/influenza-renamed covid mutates into numerous strains, new mass-jabbing is promoted annually.

Until renamed covid last year, mass-vaxxing for seasonal flu produced about $8.6 billion in annual revenue for Pharma.

The annual potential for mRNA/DNA altering technology misnamed  vaccines is far greater.

It’s why seasonal flu virtually disappeared last year and this one to date.

Mass-jabbing for covid has unprecedented profit potential if media proliferated mind manipulated mass deception works as planned.

One or jabs annually for potentially billions of people means a bonanza of profits for Pharma.

They don’t protect and risk serious harm including death if taken as directed.

They’re not vaccines. They’re experimental gene altering technologies that already harmed countless thousands of people in the West and elsewhere.

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky called for annual mass-jabbing for covid in perpetuity.

Saying it mutates is true — short of explaining that Pharma and media promoted jabs won’t protect and risk serious adverse events.

The more jabs taken, the more toxins exposed to, the greater the risk of harm to health short or longer-term.

According to Gorsky, “(e)very time it mutates, it’s almost like another click of the dial so to speak where we can see another variant, another mutation that can have an impact on its ability to fend off antibodies or to have a different kind of response not only to a therapeutic but also to a vaccine.”

He’s promoting annual mass-jabbing flu-renamed covid “just like we would get a flu shot” each year, adding:

“I think we could all imagine a future where we’re living with this, but where we can keep the science at pace with the virus, so that we can keep on living our lives (sic).” 

What he’s pushing is cashing in on big profits based on pseudo-science while ignoring the high risk to human health.

Pharma doesn’t give a hoot about human health, just maximum sales and profits.

Gorsky and other Pharma officials know that no matter how many times most people have been scammed before, they’re easy marks to be fooled again.

Big Lies and distortions repeated enough times get most people to believe them.

Protecting and preserving health and well-being requires rejection of Pharma/media promoted mass jabbing.

There’s nothing normal about promoting what risks enormous harm and no protection.

Daily alternative media reports of serious illnesses, disability and deaths from covid mass-jabbing are suppressed by the mainstream fourth estate.

28-year-old healthcare worker Sara Stickles is another mRNA mass-jabbing statistic.

Five days after receiving a second Pfizer mRNA shot, she suffered a brain aneurysm and died.

Information posted on Facebook about what happened was deleted. Her sister explained the tragedy as following, saying:

“This beautiful, healthy 28-year-old mother received an experimental, non-FDA-approved ‘medical procedure,’ and now her family is raising money for her funeral.” 

“Social media accounts are getting deleted if they talk about adverse events of certain experimental products.” 

“Question: Are government officials protecting Americans from a (treatable) virus with a nearly 100% survival rate, or is there another reason the powers that be are pushing this ’emergency use authorization’ product?”

Mass-jabbing is all about maximizing Pharma sales and profits.

The scheme has nothing to do with protecting and preserving human health and very likely is part of a mass-depopulation scheme pushed by dark forces in the US and West.

Do not go anywhere near these highly dangerous toxins masquerading as vaccines which they’re not.

They’re gene altering technologies. When taken as directed, they risk serious harm to health and no protection from any disease.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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