Straight Talk About US War on Iran by Other Means

Straight Talk About US War on Iran by Other Means

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Remarks by US officials, their subservient Western counterparts and press agent media on Iran and other nations free from imperial control are double-talk.

On all things geopolitical, both right wings of the US war party follow similar policies against nations free from their control.

Biden has no intention of improving US relations with China, Russia, Iran, and other nations Washington wants transformed into pro-Western vassal states.

His campaign rhetoric suggesting otherwise was and remains head fake deception.

Ruling authorities of the above nations and other independent ones are under no illusion that when transition of power occurs in the US, improved relations are possible.

Reality long ago set the record straight otherwise. Hegemons don’t change their spots.

On all nations free from imperial control, regime change is hard-wired US policy.

On all things Iran, Biden continues Trump’s maximum pressure.

No matter what actions its ruling authorities take to improve relations with the US and West, hostility of their ruling regimes won’t change as long as the Islamic Republic remains free from imperial control. 

It’s foolhardy thinking to believe otherwise. US policy toward Iran is unbending.

There’s virtually no chance of it softening as long as the nation is unwilling to sell is soul to Washington.

Straight talk by Iranian political analyst Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm explained what his mainstream Western counterparts suppress, saying the following:

For decades, “Iran has always been loyal to the terms of its agreements with the EU and the US…while the Americans and Europeans have never complied with their undertakings…” 

Iran seeks “conflict resolution.”

The US-dominated West wants the Islamic Republic “contain(ed),” weakened, and isolated. 

It’s always been this way, especially since “Obama(-Biden) took office…”

“Despite all the media hype and propaganda…Trump” followed the same hardline formula of “threats and sanctions…”  

“Biden…continues to be loyal to the same old containment strategy.”

On February 21 when Iran ends implementation of the Additional Protocol if Biden refuses to lift illegal sanctions — a policy virtually certain to remain in place — Iran will not end IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities, its NPT obligation.

As is well-known by the IAEA and world community, “Iran fulfilled all its (JCPOA) undertakings, while the” US and E3 countries breached their obligations.

“Even after the US withdrew from the JCPOA, Iran continued full compliance for 14 months, and when it eventually came to draw a balance between its gives and takes, it reduced its R&D and enrichment undertakings, but it still continues compliance with the most vital part of its obligations that pertain to inspections under the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol.” 

“Compliance with this part of the commitments could be deemed even as more vital than its modified undertakings since the information given to the IAEA under this harsh regime of inspections is highly valuable.”

Tehran acted to build trust, good faith and transparency. Biden went the other way, breaching its pledge and more.

He made “excessive demands for inspection of other sites, and secondly, Iran took up to go under such a harsh regime of inspections under the nuclear deal just in return for a removal of the sanctions, which never happened.”

As a result, Iran is under no obligation to continue observing what the West breached.

“Another important issue is the timing of these steps.”

“If we had done this move last year or up until May when the one-and-a-half to two-year-long maximum efficiency period of the sanctions ended, some might have thought that the impact of sanctions had increased because of this measure.” 

“However, since May, the maximum pressure of the sanctions has been on decline and according to what Western media report, Iran has always been increasing its oil and petrol exports to the point that in November, before the US election, Iran was exporting 1.5 million barrels of oil, gasoline and products per day, and based on the Iranian oil minister’s recent announcement, Iran has set a new record in exporting oil products in the last 8 months.” 

“So, although there is no denial that this loss of efficiency for the sanctions has a limit and would stop somewhere, the impact of the sanctions is on decline now.”

Trump’s maximum pressure on Iran failed. Yet Biden continues it unchanged.

“Iranian political parties and people are now convinced that Biden is no different from Trump when it comes to the US strategy towards Iran, and therefore, people, political parties and factions now stand united to powerfully go for the next step of modifications.”

Iran is incrementally returning to its pre-JCPOA agenda of complying with its NPT obligations alone because the nuclear deal with the West is dissolving from its noncompliance.

At this time, Iran remains a JCPOA signatory as do Russia and China.

For how much longer is very much in doubt given no prospect of the US and E3 complying with their obligations.

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