Duplicity and Hostility Define US Policies Toward Nations Free from its Control

Duplicity and Hostility Define US Policies Toward Nations Free from its Control

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hegemons reject cooperative relations with other nations, especially not with ones free from their control.

They demand subservience to their interests — at the expense of their sovereign rights and well-being of their people.

The above is the American way, at war on humanity, including at home.

Since creation of the Islamic Republic in 1979 ended a generation of US installed tyranny, Washington has been implacably hostile toward the country.

Its unbending agenda is all about wanting Iran transformed back to pro-Western vassal state status, its resources looted, its people exploited.

That’s how imperialism operates — all take and no give, an extrajudicial agenda pursued with brute force.

On Thursday, State Department officials discussed ways of undermining Iran and constraining its legitimate nuclear program with no military component.

Suggesting that its ruling authorities may go another way excludes evidence because none exists.

Two unnamed “senior State Department officials” discussed Iran on Thursday — below called Nos. one and two.

No. one: Biden is “committed” to returning Iran to JCPOA compliance.

Fact: Iran is in full compliance with its provisions.

Fact: The US and E3 countries Britain, France and Germany flagrantly breached theirs with no signs of changing policy — just empty promises to be broken like always before.

No. one called for a “longer, stronger deal” that’s all about wanting Iran weakened militarily and vulnerable to US/NATO/Israeli aggression.

No. one saying the US and E3 are “prepared to come back to talks to get back into compliance if Iran will get back into compliance” reflects continued US hostility toward Iran.

The US and E3 alone are in noncompliance with their obligations, not Iran.

Saying “there’s an opportunity to move forward, for Iran to take a step that is decidedly moving backwards” reinvents reality.

Regional “security issues” are all about US/NATO/Israeli belligerence in cahoots with their imperial partners.

Iran prioritizes peace and stability, polar opposite how the above countries operate.

Claims by Biden, hardliners surrounding him, and their E3 counterparts about returning to JCPOA compliance and engaging with Iran diplomatically are belied by their actions.

No. one pretended otherwise.

No. two falsely claimed that Biden is committed to upholding Security Council Res. 2231 that affirmed the JCPOA.

His regime’s actions tell a polar opposite story.

Accusing Iran of “destabilizing activities” perpetuates one of many US/Western/Israeli Big Lies about the country, its leadership, and geopolitical agenda.

Destabilization and belligerence are longstanding Western/Israeli policies — polar opposite how Iran operates.

Q & A followed. 

A remark by PBS propagandist Nick Schifrin falsely accused Iran of “threat(ening) to evict (IAEA) inspectors.”

No such threat exists. Falsely claiming otherwise is one of many examples of Western media’s debauched state. 

It’s a collective mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege, a censoring machine on vital domestic and geopolitical issues, a proliferator of fake news, banning the real thing.

Questions asked focused on phony claims of Iranian noncompliance that ignore reality.

The US and E3 alone breached their JCPOA obligations and the rule of law overall.

Since adoption of the landmark agreement in January 2016, Iran, Russia and China fully comply with its provisions — polar opposite US/E3 breaches.

A proper question not asked is when, if ever, will the US-dominated West obey the rule of law instead of repeatedly and consistently breaching it time and again?

When will they prioritize peace and stability over endless wars of aggression on invented enemies?

The answers are self-evident.

There’s no ambiguity about US/Western/Israeli contempt for peace, stability, engaging with other countries cooperatively, and the rule of law.

The above issues were ruled out for discussion by State Department officials.

Media propagandists, masquerading as journalists, never raise them — notably not on air or in print.

Discussion at the State Department on Thursday followed a familiar pattern.

Nations on the US target list for regime change are falsely blamed for US/Western/Israeli high crimes against them.

Yesterday Iran was discussed, others to be verbally and otherwise assaulted await their turn — notably China and Russia.

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