Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, US Aggression and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, US Aggression and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since Obama/Biden replaced democracy in Ukraine with fascist tyranny in 2014, US orchestrated war in Donbass raged intermittently with no resolution.

Good faith conflict resolution efforts by Russia that with benefit Kiev and its breakaway region failed because US hardliners want forever war continued, not ended.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) addressed the issue, saying:

Russia once again “submitted to the OSCE a draft statement by the OSCE Permanent Council to support the package of measures to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine.”

It includes what was agreed on by Kiev and Donbass (Donetsk and Lugansk) in 2015.

Adopted by Normandy format countries Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine, as well as affirmed by Security Council members, it became international law.

Observing its provisions is key to resolving years of war benefitting no one but Washington.

Obama/Biden and Trump sabotaged implementation of Minsk agreements to end conflict in Donbass.

It’s long past time to resolve things. Biden/Harris pressure on Ukraine and OSCE countries block resolution.

MZ: “(C)onflict in eastern Ukraine can only be settled peacefully through direct talks between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk based on the Package of Measures, to which there is no alternative.”

The Biden/Harris regime rage for endless war prevents resolution.

Commenting on the Pentagon’s provocative exercise in Black Sea waters near Russian territory, MZ said the following:

“(T)he Pentagon and State Department released provocative-sounding statements about strengthening security in Europe.”

The exercise is going the other way. If Biden/Harris supported regional peace over endless aggression, they’d call off their Ukrainian proxies in Donbass.

“(T)he exercise has a clear anti-Russia push. It was held right at Russia’s borders, near our Black Sea coast, to be exact, and thus threatens peace and stability.”

Do Biden/Harris have another US war of aggression in mind? There’s no ambiguity about their contempt for peace, stability and the rule of law.

NATO is a US imperial tool, a killing machine hostile to peace, a mortal enemy of Russia and other nations unwilling to bow to a higher power in Washington.

MZ stressed how US control of the alliance furthers its anti-Russia agenda.

Efforts by Moscow to resolve bilateral differences are repeatedly rebuffed.

Things are highly likely to worsen under Biden/Harris.

MZ updated the status of Konstantin Yaroshenko, one of many Russian political prisoners in the US.

Falsely charged and convicted by accusation, he’s been brutally mistreated throughout his decade-long ordeal.

Constitutional expert Thomas I. Emerson earlier explained the following:

“The FBI jeopardizes the whole system of free expression which is the cornerstone of our society…” 

It raises “the specter of a police state.” 

“(It) conceives of itself as an instrument to prevent radical social change in America…”

“The Bureau’s view of its function leads it beyond data collection into political warfare.” 

Nationals of the wrong countries and truth-telling journalists are especially vulnerable to abduction and imprisonment no matter how innocent of false charges against them.

MZ said the following about Yarroshenko:

Given a 20-year sentence on fabricated charges, he languishes in Washington’s gulag, his “health seriously undermined” because of mistreatment and denial of medical care.

“Russian diplomats’ numerous requests for a full-fledged medical examination and required medical procedures continue to be ignored.”

“The issue of Konstantin Yaroshenko’s possible release and return to Russia for humanitarian reasons has been raised with US officials at different levels.” 

“However, Washington, which is consumed with protecting human rights anywhere but at home, is ignoring the obvious and indisputable facts and insisting on the validity of the unjust and deliberately politicized verdict issued by the court in New York.”

“We will continue to vigorously seek Konstantin Yaroshenko’s speedy release and the release of other Russian citizens who were unjustly subjected to repression in the United States.”

US regimes reject adherence to the rule of law and justice for nationals of the wrong countries.

Britain is allied with endless US wars by hot and other means.

MZ stressed that its ruling regimes are “fueling anti-Russia hysterics and keeping up the myth of the Russian threat.” 

“If these ideas take the practical form of unfriendly actions, we will provide an equivalent response.”

Like the US, EU bloc countries wage war on their own people, violence an instrument of suppressing dissent.

MZ stressed the following:

“Instead of participating in illegal campaigns in Russia, Brussels’ diplomats should walk the streets of their own cities.”

They’ll witness no holds barred police state violence.

Instead, “they pretend nothing is happening.”

Moscow has video evidence of the crimes against humanity in their streets.

Germany matches UK viciousness toward Russia.

MZ: Berlin “used to be a generator of positive initiatives concerning Russia, including in our bilateral contacts.” 

“Unfortunately, now the situation has changed and there is a different state of affairs.” 

“It is telling that during Germany’s presidency in the Council of the EU in the second half of 2020, it was at Berlin’s initiative that the European Union introduced not one but several packages of anti-Russian sanctions.” 

Like the US and UK, EU police states masquerade as democracies. Western media support what demands exposure and condemnation.

It’s why Sergey Lavrov said Russia would cut ties to the bloc if it imposes sanctions that harm the nation’s economy and people.

Decadence and its unwillingness to change is the West’s undoing.

It’s futile for Russia or other countries to pursue good faith outreach when their overtures are repeatedly spurned.

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