Lying Machine NYT Fear-Mongering

Lying Machine NYT Fear-Mongering

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since last year, Times fear-mongering press agent services have raged in daily editions for US dark forces and Pharma.

They’re all about terrifying Americans and others to be jabbed with hazardous to health experimental drugs that don’t protect and potentially risk irreversible harm when used as directed.

What’s been going on and continues nonstop is a state-approved crime against humanity.

It’s an unprecedented experiment with public health in the US and other countries that’s virtually certain to turn out very badly if not resisted and stopped.

The Times is resorting to underhanded tactics to fear-monger people into accepting what can only harm and not protect.

Last Thursday, based on no peer-reviewed evidence, it claimed that a “new coronavirus variant is spreading in New York,” citing dubious researchers.

The report, and many others like it, aim to terrify maximum numbers of people into being Pharma lab rats — endangering their health and lives if go along.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) blasted the Times fear-mongering piece, saying the following:

“(S)cientists and public health officials were quick to condemn what they said was the ‘potentially premature release of unfinished research.’ ”

In other words, it wasn’t peer-review vetted for reliability or published in a scientific journal — just by the Times to push its fear-mongering campaign combined with a war on truth-telling.

Times correspondents and columnists are propagandists for the imperial state and monied interests — not journalists, the real thing banned in its editions.

According to CHD, there’s “no evidence that the new variant has contributed to the case trajectory and that it was not currently a cause for public health concern.”

CDC founder and chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr slammed the Times report as follows, saying:

The above is “another example of the New York Times’ double standard and hypocrisy on all things   (covid, mRNA technology) and vaccine.” 

“The Times regularly bashes me for promoting vaccine ‘misinformation’ even though I religiously cite all of my published posts to published, peer-reviewed sources or government databases.” 

“Yet here we have the Times promoting panic by citing an article that is neither peer reviewed nor published and that has none of the indicia of accuracy or credibility.”

Scientist, physician, Professor of Molecular Medicine, Scripps Research Translational Institute founder and director Eric Topol said the following:

He “was asked to provide comment on someone’s draft manuscript that still had tracked changes and didn’t include the figures.” 

“Based on this, the NYT wrote a story. This is an absolute mess” — that lacks credibility.

Its one of many examples of lack of ethics and journalism as it should be by the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind.

Viral mutations happen regularly, unaccompanied by fear-mongering like the above.

Separately, Topol tweeted: “(S)pike mutations (like one in NY) have potential impact but (are) still unproven as having functional significance.”

According to New York health commissioner Dave Chokshi, no evidence suggests that another viral variant in the state increased numbers of covid outbreaks.

The Times propaganda piece shouldn’t have been written or published.

The same is true for countless others like it that are featured by its editorial board since seasonal flu was renamed covid last year to unleash what followed on an unsuspecting public.

We’ve been consistently lied to and fear-mongered to accept a new abnormal that’s causing unprecedented harm to public health and fundamental freedoms.

It’s a diabolical deep state plot to destroy virtually everything just societies hold dear.

The Times and other establishment media are providing press agent services for what demands public denunciation and rejection.

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