Mass Rejection of Covid Jabs by US Military Families

Mass Rejection of Covid Jabs by US Military Families

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Leading promoter of hazardous experimental covid jabbing NYT expressed angst over mass rejection of getting them by US military families.

According to The Vaccine Reaction on February 21, a Blue Star Families (BSF) survey found that 53% of US military families reject being used as Pharma guinea pigs for unapproved Pfizer and Moderna experimental mRNA jabs.

According to BSF head Kathy Roth-Douquet, “military families are expressing a lot of concern about” jabbing with what they don’t trust.

One military spouse likely spoke for many others, saying she, her family, and other service members don’t want to be “guinea pigs” for what hasn’t be adequately tested or proved safe.

According to Air Force General Paul Friedrichs, the US war department cannot or will not mandate what hasn’t received FDA approval, just emergency use authorization even though no real emergency exists.

At this time — what could change ahead — to be jabbed or not jabbed for covid is a personal decision by US military personnel at all levels.

Vaccines take years to develop. Pfizer and Moderna entries into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes are high-risk, experimental, gene altering mRNA technology.

They’re not vaccines. They were rushed to market with inadequate testing.

Since mass-jabbing began in December, large numbers of adverse events and deaths were reported, especially among elderly nursing home residents in the US and Europe.

If what’s experimental and unapproved is mandated, it would be an unprecedented experiment with human health virtually certain to turn out badly because of what’s already known.

According to one nursing home health worker, residents and some staff are “dying like flies” after jabbed.

No credible evidence suggests that mRNA technology is safe or effective.

The same holds for Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine about to be granted emergency use authorization.

Joseph Mercola explained that rushed Pfizer and Moderna trials were “rigged” to produce results that aren’t credible.

Their mRNA technology wasn’t evaluated on the ability to prevent infection and viral transmission.

Last November, associate editor of the BMJ publication for health professionals Peter Doshi said Pfizer’s claim of 95% effectiveness is false.

Its risk reduction to flu-renamed covid is less than 1%, rendering it virtually useless for protection.

The same holds for Modern’s mRNA technology and most likely for J & J’s vaccine as well.

On Friday, the NYT understated the number of US military families who decline to be jabbed for covid, claiming it’s about “one-third” of US forces, mostly younger personnel.

Young healthy people need no protection for flu, now called covid.

Over 99% of young people who contract covid recover normally with no special medical intervention for help.

The Times expressed concern about millions of US military personnel who refuse to be jabbed with what may cause irreversible harm to their health, saying:

It’s “a warning to civilian health officials about the potential hole in the broad-scale immunity that medical professionals say is needed for Americans to reclaim their collective lives.”

Unexplained by the Times and other establishment media is that mass-jabbing provides no protection, no immunity, no ability to prevent covid from spreading from one person to others. 

It only risks great harm to health  that in some cases is lethal.

What major media should headline and repeat time and again, they suppress.

Instead of wanting public health protected and preserved, the corporate fourth estate is pushing what risks unprecedented harm to millions of people in the US and elsewhere by promoting hazardous mass-jabbing.

The Times is the lead print culprit, providing press agent services for US dark forces and Pharma profiteers — at the expense of public health. 

The broadsheet falsely claimed that concerns shared by countless millions of people in the US and elsewhere is from “misinformation that has run rampant on Facebook and other social media.”

What the self-styled newspaper of record calls “misinformation” is refuted by indisputable hard evidence of mass-jabbing hazards.

Protecting and preserving what’s too precious to lose requires saying “no” to what won’t protect and risks great harm if use as directed.

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