NYT Abhorrence of Social Democracy

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February 14, 2021
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February 14, 2021

NYT Abhorrence of Social Democracy

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

On all things just societies cherish, the Times goes the other way, providing press agent services for what’s abhorrent to its disgrace.

One of many examples is its over two decade war on Venezuela’s social democracy.

To its disgrace, the Times wants it crushed by transforming the country into a pro-Western vassal state — its independence lost, its resources looted, its people exploited as serfs.

Over the weekend, it published a feature propaganda piece about US designated usurper-in-waiting, overwhelmingly despised Guaido, a  Judas goat figure no longer a National Assembly member because he’s unelectable to any public office.

Now a defrocked puppet, will Bolivarian governance hold him accountable at last for selling his soul to Washington — for sedition or treason?

His high crimes are too grievous to ignore, accountability according to Venezuelan law the only option.

Last month, Venezuela Analysis (VA) called his criminality indisputable — backed by imperial USA and internal anti-Bolivarian dark forces.

Guaido and his criminal gang of henchmen “spared no perversity in order to achieve” their diabolical aims, said VA.

Their high crimes include illegally attempting to usurp power, plotting to overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected government, calling for US intervention, stealing Bolivarian foreign-based resources, committing sabotage against public services, and attempted murder, along with many other serious offenses.

Guaido and supporters are enemies of most Venezuelans, allies of US imperial aims against them and Bolivarian social democracy.

Failing to hold them accountable for crimes against the state encourages more of the same.

Criminal cases were initiated against them short of followup action so far.

What’s unacceptable leaves Guaido and his henchmen unaccountable.

Supporting his criminality, the NYT called him a “national hero…wag(ing) an increasingly lonely battle against” Bolivarian social democracy it falsely called “authoritarian (sic),” adding:

President Nicolas Maduro is “an illegitimate ruler (sic)” — ignoring his democratic election and reelection.

Venezuelan democracy is the real thing — in stark contrast to fantasy versions in the US and West.

What the Times earlier called “adoring crowds” for Guaido mostly included scant numbers.

He’s so widely despised, he needs heavily armed security for protection in public.

EU countries withdrew support. So did most Latin American fascist regimes, no longer bowing to Washington’s will on this issue.

Ignoring intensified US war on Venezuela by crushing sanctions and other dirty tricks, the Times falsely blamed Maduro for high crimes against Bolivarian social democracy by Trump regime hardliners.

Guaido’s insurrection was crushed. Many supporters abandoned him.

Despite admitting reality, the Biden regime and Times still back him and efforts to replace Bolivarian social democracy with hardline, anti-democratic, pro-Western puppet rule.

Since Hugo Chavez replaced US installed fascist tyranny with Bolivarian social democracy in early 1999, Venezuela withstood everything Washington threw at its government and people.

Biden regime hardliners continue war on the country and its people by other means, committing crimes against humanity.

Their viciousness blocks most oil exports and imports of food, medicines and other essentials to life.

According to Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) co-director Mark Weisbrot, “illegal US sanctions are a form of collective punishment against the Venezuelan population.”

Calling on Biden to end them, he stressed that’s there’s “no reason to allow this crime…to continue.”

Earlier Weisbrot said economic collapse from US sanctions caused over 40,000 Venezuelan deaths from 2017 – 2018 alone.

They remain in place under Biden with nothing in prospect for turning a page from harshness imposed by his predecessors.

Endless US war on Bolivarian social democracy continues with no end of it likely ahead. 

The Times and other Big Media support what just societies abhor, reject and don’t tolerate.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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