Russia Slams EU Contempt for the Rule of Law

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February 27, 2021
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February 27, 2021

Russia Slams EU Contempt for the Rule of Law

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

On all things geopolitical, most European countries operate as appendages of US foreign policy.

Endless wars by hot and other means, along with other dirty tricks and falsely blaming victims for US/Western high crimes, are its defining features.

Days earlier, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed illegal EU actions against Moscow, obeying orders by its higher power in Washington.

EU countries “missed an opportunity to (show backbone and respect for the rule of law by) rethink(ing) (their) policy of artificial linkages, sanctions and pressure in its relations with Russia, a policy that has proved to be completely ineffective over the past few years,” the ministry stressed, adding:

Instead, they “pressed the (unlawful) sanctions button” again.

The unacceptable action continues US-led Western war on Russia by other means.

It followed pressure from US Russophobes and their media press agents.

The latest affront to Moscow shows that “opponents of improving relations with Russia are guided by political considerations rather than their declared commitment to human rights…fundamental freedoms,” and the rule of law. 

“We regard as categorically unacceptable the continued illegal and absurd demands to ‘free a Russian citizen who has been found guilty of committing economic crimes in Russia in accordance with the Russian legislation.”

Brussels is unlawfully meddling in Russia’s internal affairs in support of US imperial interests that’s unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

The EU “obviously does not intend to respect (international law) and is using the myth of its own infallibility in the sphere of human rights, which has been laid bare by the daily footage of police violence in many European cities and the ongoing offensive against the freedom of the media and the Russian language, to promote its concept of a rules-based world order.”

“(I)llegal instruments, such as ultimatums, pressure and sanctions, are becoming the basis of the EU foreign policy inventory.” 

“The EU, which would like to become an independent pole on the global stage, has apparently forgotten that this position can only be attained through respect for partners, non-interference in the internal affairs of others and undeviating commitment to international law.”

The above is strong language and sentiments expressed by Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

Like the US, the only language Brussels understands is force.

Russia should respond to lawless Western actions appropriately in a way that will hit home in capitals of offending countries.

A good start would be by ceasing to call their government officials “partners” and “colleagues.”

They’re mortal enemies and should be given a strong taste of their own medicine.

Diplomatic outreach to them shows weakness and achieves nothing.

Separately on Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov slammed Western media, calling it “a place for pursuing narrow and self-serving geopolitical goals,” adding:

“Fake and aggressive media campaigns undermine internal political stability in sovereign states, fuel unrest and violence.”

“Those who for decades have been preaching about freedom of speech and expression to the whole world are now demonstrating intolerance of alternative views.” 

“A number of countries deliberately seek to impose political censorship and limit access to information in violation of UN, OSCE and CoE commitments.” 

“The recent closure of television channels broadcasting in the Russian language in Ukraine and the Baltic countries, searches of journalists’ offices and homes, and their expulsion are glaring examples of this.”

In the US and other Western countries, crimes of war and against humanity against invented enemies have been longstanding throughout the post-WW II period.

Censorship is the new abnormal, speech and other fundamental freedoms on the chopping block for elimination.

Dissent is the new domestic terrorism.

Divergence from the official narrative is at risk of being criminalized.

The rule of law is what Western hardliners say it is.

Free and open societies are vanishing in plain sight — police state toughness replacing them.

Is tyranny just another major state-sponsored false flag away?

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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