Russia Slams US-Led Western Interference in its Internal Affairs

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February 2, 2021
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February 3, 2021

Russia Slams US-Led Western Interference in its Internal Affairs

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The UN Charter “prohibits the threat or use of force and calls on all members to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of other States.”

Non-intervention is a core international law principle. 

It prohibits nations from interfering in the internal affairs of other nation states.

It’s a corollary to the right of territorial sovereignty and integrity of all nations. 

The principle of non-intervention is covered in the 1965 UN Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Domestic Affairs of States.

In 1986, the International Court of Justice up (ICJ) ruled for Nicaragua against the US on this issue, stating:

“The principle of non-intervention involves the right of every sovereign State to conduct its affairs without outside interference.” 

“As to the content of the principle in customary law, the Court defines the constitutive elements which appear relevant in this case: a prohibited intervention must be one bearing on matters in which each State is permitted, by the principle of State sovereignty, to decide freely (for example the choice of a political, economic, social and cultural system, and formulation of foreign policy).” 

“Intervention is wrongful when it uses, in regard to such choices, methods of coercion, particularly force, either in the direct form of military action or in the indirect form of support for subversive activities in another State.”

In 2005, the ICJ again upheld this principle, stating:

“(T)he principle of non-intervention prohibits a State ‘to intervene, directly or indirectly, with or without armed force, in support of an internal opposition in another State.’ ”

Unlawful intervention is how US imperialism operates in cahoots with its Western and other partners against nations free from imperial control.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov slammed US intervention into Russia’s internal affairs by expressing support for orchestrated Navalny rallies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and elsewhere the past two weekends, saying:

“I will say once again that we are not ready to accept the Americans’ statements on the matter and take this into consideration. We will not do it,” adding:

“All events are still banned in many European countries.”

“So, Sunday was unfortunately quite a busy day for law enforcement agents in many European countries.” 

“They had to work really hard to ensure law and order, and sanitary and epidemiological safety of the citizens.”

In Russian cities, “hooligans (and) provocateurs behaved…aggressively toward the law enforcement officials, which is unacceptable. That is why the police acts and takes certain steps.”

Diplomats “are free to act within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, but not outside it.” 

“And, of course, diplomats should not in any way interfere in the internal affairs of Russia or allow any actions that would somehow try to put pressure on an independent court.”

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

“(T)raditionally diplomats in foreign courts support their citizens.” 

“Even if Westerners view Navalny as one of ‘their own’, he is a citizen of the Russian Federation.” 

“This is no longer just interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.” 

“It is a self-disclosure of the unsightly and illegal role of the collective West in trying to contain Russia.”

“I cannot rule out that they are there to oversee the fate of the NATO (British and American) millions pumped into illegal activities on Russian territory.”

Russia has hard evidence that pro-Navalny protests were orchestrated from abroad, notably by US dark forces — part of their longstanding war on Russia by other means.

Separately, Sergey Lavrov commented on Western fake news claims about Navalny being poisoned by a deadly novichok nerve agent last August — able to kill anyone exposed in minutes.

“We have no information that would actually prove the validity of the accusations against the Russian leadership, because it was not provided to us,” said Lavrov.

What doesn’t exist cannot be provided to anyone.

“If you accuse someone, then prove your guilt.” 

“But if you say you won’t tell us anything, because it’s secret, or because (Navalny) himself does not allow it, we have every reason to believe that it was staged,” Lavrov added.

Navalny is a convicted felon, an embezzler, a fifth column element against his native country, a political nobody/Western darling with scant public support.

On Tuesday, a Russian court sentenced him to 2.8 years in prison for breaching terms of his suspended sentence for embezzling millions of dollar. 

He got off too easily for criminality that includes complicity with US and other Western dark forces against his country.

He should be imprisoned longterm.

Along with embezzlement, he’s guilty of sedition as well as serving as an unregistered agent of a foreign government that’s hostile to Russian sovereignty.

A Final Comment

Continuing a drumbeat of unlawful meddling in Russian affairs, Biden’s chief “diplomat” Tony Blinken unacceptably said the following:

“We reiterate our call for the Russian government to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Navalny, as well as the hundreds of other Russian citizens wrongfully detained in recent weeks for exercising their rights, including the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly (sic).”

In the US, Britain and elsewhere in the West, once free and open societies were replaced by totalitarian rule on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny.

Instead of cleaning up their act, these nations falsely make baseless accusations against Russia and other countries free from their control — to shift attention from their own crimes of war and against humanity onto other nation states.

Russia respects the rule of law that the US and West consistently breach in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

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