Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran, and the Former Yugoslavia

Biden Charting a New Course?
February 5, 2021
US Hostility Toward Russia Unchanged Under Biden
February 6, 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran, and the Former Yugoslavia

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

A near-decade of US aggression in Syria shows no signs of ending.

It’s more likely that US war will escalate under Biden/Harris.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below), Moscow urged Astana partners for conflict resolution in Syria to chart a common way forward to achieve this objective that includes a new constitution.

MZ: “(W)e believe that the attainment of substantial progress on the constitutional track will facilitate the fastest possible comprehensive and sustainable stabilization of the situation in Syria in full compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and decisions of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi.”

While ceasefire holds in most of the country, areas near illegal US and Turkish bases show no signs of conflict resolution — notably in jihadist-infested Idlib province.

US-supported ISIS, al-Nusra, and likeminded terrorists continue attacking government forces and civilians.

Syrian and Russian warplanes “launch(ed) retaliatory strikes” on their strongholds.

Israeli terror-bombing of Syrian targets continues with no letup — aiding anti-government ISIS and other jihadists the Netanyahu regime supports.

Southfront reported that despite Israel’s undeclared war on Syria, efforts by Iran to aid Damascus increased.

The Biden/Harris regime rebranded al-Nusra terrorists as US allies.

In the US, Public Broadcasting (PBS) operates as a Pentagon propaganda arm in its war theaters.

Al-Qaeda spinoff in Syria al-Nusra was portrayed as “freedom fighters” in a PBS fake news Frontline program — a disgusting perversion of reality.

Given longstanding rage for endless wars by undemocratic Dems, chances for escalated US aggression in Syria and elsewhere increased with Biden/Harris in power, along with Dems controlling Congress.

On all things Iran and the JCPOA, MZ reported “no substantial changes to resume implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).”

Instead of positive steps forward, the Biden regime is focused on making unacceptable demands Iran justifiably reject.

MZ: “We believe that the consistent and complete fullfilment of the agreements by all countries that drafted and signed them, including the United States are an essential condition for saving” the JCPOA.

‘We are ready to closely cooperate with all parties…for the sake of achieving this goal, and we are also ready to cooperate constructively with the new US” regime to achieve this and other objectives.

Both right wings of the US war party are hostile to peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries.

The JCPOA may unravel altogether because of US hostility toward Iran and unacceptable Biden regime demands.

MZ commented on US-led NATO’S 1999 rape of Yugoslavia.

For 78 days, so-called Operation Anvil terror-bombing killed a nation, one of history’s great crimes.

Claims about wanting to counter Slobodan Milosevic’s aim for a “Greater Serbia” were falsified.

US aims were and remain all about wanting the country balkanized for easier control, its legitimate leadership replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

Milosevic wanted Yugoslavia’s disintegration prevented. He wanted minority Serbs protected. He wanted peace, stability, and cooperative relations with the West, not war.

At the time, nobel laureate Harold Pinter denounced the rape of Yugoslavia.

Mincing no words, he called US-led terror-bombing and dismemberment of the state “barbaric (and despicable), another blatant and brutal assertion of US power, using NATO as its missile (to consolidate) American domination of Europe.”

The ferocity of US-led aggression was unprecedented to that time — military and non-military sites struck. 

Targets included power plants, factories, telecommunication and transportation facilities, roads, bridges and rail lines, fuel depots,  schools, a TV station, China’s Belgrade embassy, hospitals, government offices, religious sites, historic landmarks and more.

Throughout the country, terror-bombing raped and destroyed most everything of value, countless numbers of civilians massacred.

An estimated $100 billion in damage was inflicted — the toll much greater in today’s dollar terms. 

Commenting on what she called the “longterm (effects) of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia,” MZ explained the following:

“In Serbia, the first individual lawsuit against NATO has been filed, seeking compensation for health damage caused by the alliance’s use of depleted uranium during its 1999 bomb attacks.” 

“Lawyers are now compiling more than 2,000 lawsuits for Serbs and Albanians seeking compensation on similar grounds.” 

“More than 20 years after (US-led) aggression in Yugoslavia, the incidence of major health problems including cancer in the affected areas in southern Serbia are still well above the national average.”

The horrors of US aggression against one country after another linger long after conflict ends or greatly ebbs but continues, as in raped and destroyed Libya.

US-led terror-bombing of the country in 2011 irradiated northern areas.

MZ: “(S)erious and lasting damage to the natural environment and human health, in direct violation of international humanitarian law, has become a well-established practice”  in current and earlier US war theaters.

US-dominated NATO “talk(s) a lot about threats to European security, although in reality, the main threat is their irresponsible actions that lead to an escalation of tensions and have on one occasion caused an environmental disaster in the center of Europe.”

US-led terror-bombing “not only used radioactive ammunition in Yugoslavia” — what’s used in all its war theaters. 

US regimes “targeted specific enterprises, and their hits led to the spill of tons of toxic and carcinogenic chemical agents in surrounding lands and rivers, including the Danube.”

No US war criminals are ever held accountable for their crimes of war and against humanity.

Just the opposite. They win peace prizes and other awards.

Anti-war, pro-social justice activists, and truth-tellers in the US are vilified as domestic terrorists.

The above and much more show the deplorable state of today’s US.

MZ: “They come, destroy, and go (home to the US) without apologizing or being punished.” 

“And then they lecture others on what they should do and what freedom is.” 

“This looks like a kind of erosion of responsibility within the alliance, which is dominated by permissiveness because no one ever gets punished.”

Endless US wars rage in multiple theaters. 

Under Biden/Harris, escalated wars are far more likely ahead than turning a page for peace and adherence to the rule of law — notions abhorred in Washington.

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