Russian Foreign Ministry on Western Propaganda and Police State Harshness

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January 31, 2021
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February 1, 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry on Western Propaganda and Police State Harshness

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on what she explained as follows:

There’s a “well-orchestrated (campaign of) almost synchronous and very similar statements by Western politicians on the unlawful actions in this country and other domestic Russian issues.”

Led by hostile-to-Russia US dark forces, their unacceptable remarks are similar — featuring mass deception about what’s going on in the country.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass “really outdid himself” by spreading malicious Big Lies about Russia, said MZ.

Made-in-the-USA street rallies in Moscow and other Russian cities over the past two weekends tried to reinvent convicted felon, fifth column figure, political nobody Navalny.

Children as young as age-9 were lured into participating.

They were likely deceived into believing that rallies were for something other than the diabolical anti-Russia scheme that unfolded — more of the same likely coming ahead.

Rallies this past weekend drew fewer participants than the previous one.

Many were uneventful. Others featured orchestrated anti-Russia violence.

Head of Russia’s Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights Valery Fadeev said the following:

“(W)hat we (saw last weekend) ha(d) nothing to do with protecting rights or fighting for a better life.”

What happened over the past two weekends were anti-Russia “provocation(s)” — orchestrated by foreign dark forces in the US and perhaps Britain.

Russophobic Biden/Harris regime secretary of state Blinken commented as expected on anti-Russia rallies as follows, saying:

The new US regime “condemns the persistent use of harsh tactics against peaceful protesters and journalists by Russian authorities for a second week straight (sic).” 

“We renew our call for Russia to release those detained for exercising their human rights, including Alexey Navalny (sic).” 

Orchestrated weekend rallies turned violent in Moscow, St. Petersburg and elsewhere were likely orchestrated by US dark forces as a pretext for Biden/Harris to continue anti-Russia actions.

Fifth column elements in the country urged Biden/Harris to continue US war on Russia by other means, saying:

“We would be grateful if the US would take concrete policy and sanctions actions to limit corruption and abuse of human rights (sic).”

US dark forces — including the vast majority of congressional members — prevented Trump from pursuing improved relations with Russia he preferred over confrontational policies.

Undemocratic Dems need no encouragement to continue hostile actions against Russia, China, Iran, and other nations free from US control.

MZ slammed unacceptable remarks by Western officials, saying:

“It is strange hear(ing) (them) from (officials of) countries where the police do not hesitate to use riot control weapons (batons, teargas, water jets and rubber bullets) against civilians that turn out for democratic protests…” 

“In their own countries, Western regimes) explain forced restrictions of civil rights and freedoms by the need to ensure ‘national security interests’ whereas in Russia they (falsely) call the same actions ‘suppression of peaceful protests.’ ”

In Germany, France, Britain, and other European countries, police use tear gas, rubber bullets, and other harsh tactics against nonviolent protesters, MZ explained.

Acting Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte defied reality, saying:

Street actions in the country for justice denied “ha(ve) nothing to do with protest (sic).” 

“This is criminal violence (sic) and we will treat it as such.”

The anti-Russia double standard needs no elaboration.

MZ: “Why don’t the Western bloc (NATO and the EU) countries condemn each other?” 

“Why hasn’t the Group of Seven issued a single statement in response to the events in the Netherlands, Germany and France?” 

“Have you heard anything? I haven’t. I haven’t heard or read anything. Why? Because there are no such statements.”

“They never criticize each other. They never even comment” about state-sponsored criminality in the West.

“(S)cattering of peaceful demonstrations counts only to the east of the EU. This is stunning hypocrisy!”

MZ added the following message to Western countries:

“Resolve your own problems. You have amassed a lot of them.” 

“Take care of your own citizens…It is better to cooperate than to criticize.” 

“There are a great many areas for potential cooperation, and lots of problems.”

If you are so concerned about freedom of expression, show due attention and respect for this tenet by observing the rights of Russian journalists abroad.”

Separately, MZ explained examples of unacceptable actions against Russian journalists in Western countries.

In January 2020, a Tass press center employee was detained by Milan airport border guards.

He was interrogated by “militarized police,” contents of his cell phone examined.

What happened was unjustifiable but occurs often against Russian citizens in the West.

“In February 2020, a media crimes investigation board of the Ankara Prosecutor’s Office detained Sputnik Turkey employees,” MZ explained.

“In October 2020, FBI officers interrogated the spouse of former head of the Rossiya Segodnya representative office in Washington” without just cause.

In the same month, a Rossiya Segodnya journalist in Washington was questioned about his ties to Russians in the US.

An RT correspondent was detained, interrogated, and had his “personal belongings and electronic devices” inspected on entering and leaving the US.

Last December, “US security services organized a provocation against TASS employees in New York.”

Latvian citizens employed as freelance Sputnik Latvia correspondents were detained in the country on phony charges of breaching EU sanctions.

MZ: “There are many more such examples of what Russian media workers (face) while performing their professional duties outside Russia.”

They endure “pressure and persecution” for being Russian citizens.

Anyone with a Russian passport risks similar police state mistreatment abroad.

Democracy in the US and other Western countries is pure fantasy. In Russia, it’s real.

Foreign travel by Russian nationals to Western countries risks what MZ called “a whole arsenal of measures and methods of pressure, including psychological pressure applied” against them.

Thousands of US political prisoners languish in its global gulag, including Russian nationals — guilty only of being a citizen of the wrong country.

MZ: They’re horrifically mistreated behind bars, “often den(ied) (vital) medical care, including (for) chronic conditions.”

Russian nationals threatening no one, guilty of no crimes, are imprisoned and otherwise mistreated in the US and other Western countries.

Russian authorities do all they can to protect the rights of their nationals abroad.

In the totalitarian West, maximum efforts most often aren’t enough to counter police state actions against targeted nationals.

“(P)olitically motivated persecution” happens often against Russian nationals in the West.

It’s part of endless war on Russia and other nations free from US control.

Biden/Harris are highly likely to escalate earlier police state practices — including against US activists for equity and justice denied.

Anyone in the US seeking to preserve and protect eroding freedoms heading toward elimination altogether risk harsh crackdowns on their constitutional rights.

US totalitarian rule is on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny if not challenged by mass activism against what no one should tolerate.

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