Unacceptable Biden Regime Demands on Iran

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February 3, 2021
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February 3, 2021

Unacceptable Biden Regime Demands on Iran

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman

Hardliners controlling both right wings of the US war party remain militantly hostile toward Iran.

It’s reflected in decades US war on the Islamic Republic by other means that’s all about wanting the country returned to US vassal state status.

Washington’s policy has nothing to do with an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist.

Looking ahead, there’s virtually no chance of the US engaging with Iran cooperatively in the interest of regional peace and stability.

Permanent US war by other means on the Islamic Republic poses the risk of turning hot ahead by accident or design. 

Looking ahead under Biden/Harris, no evidence of softening Washington’s hardline position toward Iran exists — just the opposite.

In defiance of the rule of law and calls by Russia and China for the US to return to the JCPOA with no pre-conditions, State Department spokesman Ned Price rejected doing the right thing out-of-hand, saying:

The Biden regime is pursuing “many steps (before engaging) directly with Iran (and willingness to) entertain any sort of proposal.”

Does Israel have veto power over Washington’s return to the JCPOA?

Is return off the table unless Iran accedes to unacceptable US and Israeli demands?

Has the landmark JCPOA unraveled because of the above?

Have hardliners surrounding Biden killed the deal without announcing their action?

Is it too late to reverse what’s likely been planned for some time by Dems?

Is the notion of engaging with Iran responsibly by the US and West fanciful thinking?

US Dems are historically more militant and belligerent than Republicans.

Their hard-wired hostility toward Iran shows no signs of easing — just the opposite.

Two weeks after taking office, the Biden/Harris regime did nothing to engage with Iran responsibly — nor with Russia, China, and other nations free from US control.

The scourge of US imperial madness shows no signs of changing on their watch.

Is Iran on their target list for hot war ahead? Is Israel in charge of dictating US policies toward the Islamic Republic?

During his meeting Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif last week, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“The task of saving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) ranks among the most topical subjects.” 

“Russia and Iran are sincerely interested in seeing all JCPOA signatories resume the fulfillment of their obligations.”

Russia, China and Iran are in compliance. 

The US, UK, France and Germany breached Security Council Res. 2231 that affirmed the JCPOA unanimously — making it binding international and US constitutional law.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the Kremlin and Iranian ruling authorities share “identical” positions on preserving the landmark agreement.

Lavrov’s hope that Western signatories to the deal will return to full compliance may be way too optimistic as things now stand.

“Russia will do whatever it takes to prevent” the JCPOA from unraveling, said Lavrov.

His considerable best efforts may not be good enough against US rage to dominate Iran, not engage with the country responsibly.

Nor is China’s urging for the US and West to reengage with Iran responsibly likely to change Biden’s policies toward the country.

On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the following:

“The Iranian nuclear issue is at a crucial juncture.” 

“The imperative at the moment is for all parties to accelerate implementation of the consensus reached at last December’s foreign ministers’ meeting, push for the unconditional return of the United States to the JCPOA as early as possible, resume compliance and the lifting of all relevant sanctions.”

These and similar remarks consistently fall on deaf ears in Washington.

China “support(s) a step-by-step and reciprocal approach and will continue to work with relevant parties and the international community to bring the JCPOA back on track and promote the political settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue,” Wang added.

Its view shared by Russia and Iran is highly unlikely to move the ball forward toward US responsible engagement with Iran in the interest of regional peace and stability.

US imperial rage has polar opposite objectives — dominance and exploitation over cooperative relations with other nations.

That’s how the scourge of imperialism operates.

By making unacceptable demands rejected by Iran, Tony Blinken showed the new regime in Washington’s real position toward the country — confrontation over positive engagement.

European countries operate as virtual US vassal states, most often going along with its policies even when harming their own interests.

The Biden regime has no intention of engaging with Iran responsibly.

On Monday, Zarif said the timeline for Biden to return to the JCPOA is “not unlimited,” adding:

The US “is not in the nuclear deal. And it’s not in the nuclear deal because of its own decision to withdraw.”

It’s in no position to make unacceptable demands.

Iranian lawmakers passed legislation that restricts access of IAEA inspectors to Islamic Republic nuclear facilities if unlawful US sanctions aren’t lifted by February 21.

Zarif explained that Iran has “the strictest IAEA inspection mechanism anywhere in the world.”

“We will be limiting that, but there is a very easy way of addressing it, and that is for the United States to come back into compliance before that date.” 

“That date is an important day.”

In response to Blinken’s phony claim about Iran moving closer developing nuclear weapons, Zarif debunked his Big Lie, saying:

“If we wanted to build a nuclear weapon, we could have done it some time ago.”

Iran abhors these WMDs, banned their development, and wants them eliminated everywhere.

Zarif called for coordinated and synchronized steps for the US and E3 countries to return to JCPOA compliance.

It requires non-complying countries to take the first good faith step — reversing unlawfully imposed sanctions that remain in place.

Blinken unacceptably demands that Iran accede to unacceptable US demands before it will consider whether to rejoin the deal.

What’s clearly a nonstarter suggests that the JCPOA may unravel ahead because of US and E3 noncompliance.

If things play out this way, it’ll be further proof that negotiating with the US and West is an exercise in futility — a waste of time.

Whatever may be agreed on is unbinding, subject to Western countries going another way at their discretion. 

At this time, saving the JCPOA appears a long shot at best because of unbending US/Western hostility toward Iran.

Biden/Harris are more likely to continue their version of Trump regime maximum pressure than go another way by engaging with Iran cooperatively.

It’s an ominous sign for what may like ahead.

It includes possible unthinkable war that could inflame the regime far more than already that would risk hugely dangerous consequences if launched.

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