War on Trump Continues After Show Trial Acquittal

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February 15, 2021
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February 15, 2021

War on Trump Continues After Show Trial Acquittal

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Trump’s year ago and Saturday acquittals of phony charges against him aren’t acceptable for undemocratic Dems and their media press agents — notably the shameless NYT. See below.

As Law Professor Jonathan Turley observed, Dem leaders Pelosi and Schumer “weaponized the verdict and demonized (GOP senators) who voted to acquit.”

Calling them shills and cowards got it backwards.

Impeaching and trying Trump twice on phony charges showed contempt for the rule of law.

Big Media support showed complicity with what demanded exposure and denunciation.

Trump’s return to private life and acquittals should have ended two of the most disgraceful political chapters in US history.

While Republicans have their own cross to bear on many issues, unjustifiable war on Trump twice for the wrong reasons was an undemocratic Dem affair all the way — Big Media press agents sharing guilt along with a few turncoat GOP senators to their shame.

The Fifth Amendment’s Double Jeopardy Clause prohibits repeat prosecutions for the same alleged offense.

Not according Dems and supportive media, operating by their own extrajudicial standards.

What they consider voting one’s conscience means backing their views and aims or incur their wrath — doing the right thing not an acceptable option.

Actions by Dems against Trump were and continue to be politicized. The same goes for their media press agents with no shame.

Not a shred of credible evidence suggested Trump’s guilt for what he had nothing to do with and didn’t happen as falsely reported.

No January 6 insurrection occurred on Capitol Hill, no criminal acts by Trump or his supporters. 

Media supported claims otherwise were fabricated to vilify and try convicting him for a staged false flag incident, a put-up job by Dems in cahoots with other anti-Trump dark forces.

Explaining his vote for acquittal, GOP Senator Ted Cruz said the following:

“The impeachment of Donald Trump on the charge of incitement was merely a rushed act of partisan retribution.”

He “did not urge anyone to commit acts of violence.” 

“The legal standard for incitement is very high, and it is clear by the results of this vote that the House Managers failed to present a coherent standard for incitement.” 

US “politicians from all parties and across the country routinely use words and phrases like ‘fight,’ ‘win,’ and ‘take back our country’ in speeches and interviews, including numerous Senate Dem(s) and House Impeachment Managers” 

“Using this rhetoric is not impeachable, whether made by Republicans or Democrats.”

Cruz added that instead of pursuing actions against individuals who stormed the main Capitol Hill building on January 6 — Trump opponents, not supporters — Dems “vent(ed) their (anti-Trump rage) and contempt for his” supporters by the politicized show trial with no legitimacy.

Big Media share guilt with Dems, notably the NYT, a proliferator of fake news over the real thing while pretending otherwise.

It continues venting its anti-Trump rage with no letup, refusing to let go.

Claiming he knew about January events on Capitol Hill as they unfolded — citing no evidence — it added what no legitimate tribunal would accept as culpability for anything.

The Times: Dem “prosecutors (with no legitimacy) said the new information was clear proof of Mr. Trump’s intent to incite the mob (sic) and of his dereliction to stop the violence (sic), even when he knew that the life of Vice President Mike Pence was in danger (sic).”

No responsible publisher would touch the above rubbish.

It’s unclear what Trump knew or didn’t know.

Charges by Dems against him throughout his tenure were and remain politicized. 

They long ago lost credibility. The same goes for their media press agents.

Knowledge doesn’t imply culpability of anything. 

The Capitol Hill rent-a-mob was comprised of bussed in hooligans for the staged anti-Trump false flag.

Pence wasn’t endangered. Nor were other House and Senate members.

Barricades around Capitol Hill were removed to let rent-a-mob hooligans enter the main building unobstructed.

Guards inside escorted them to where they wanted to go.

The ugly episode was orchestrated by Dems in cahoots with other anti-Trump dark forces.

They should have been in the dock, not Trump.

Instead of truth and full disclosure about events of January 6, the Times and other Big Media invented their own falsified reality.

Their diabolical plot to crucify Trump with no legitimacy continues even after exoneration. 

Following their rubbish reports in print, on television, and/or online assures brainwashed ignorance, not knowledge about issues mattering most.

That’s the disturbing reality about Big Media — an instrument of mass deception, polar opposite journalism as it should be. 

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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