Russian Disinformation to Undermine US Mass-Jabbing for Covid?

Russian Disinformation to Undermine US Mass-Jabbing for Covid?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal cited an unnamed State Department Global Engagement Center official, saying Russian intelligence is trying to undermine confidence in US mass-jabbing for covid.

No evidence was cited like virtually always when Russia and other invented US enemies are accused of things they had nothing to do with.

Russia aside, there’s nothing remotely safe and effective about rushed to market, inadequately tested, experimental Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology.

The same goes for J & J covid vaccine and AstraZeneca’s entry in Europe.

They’re all unapproved, granted emergency use authorization when no emergency exists.

Less than two months after mass-jabbing began, countless thousands suffered serious adverse events including deaths.

No one should be a mass-jabbing guinea pig for Pharma.

No one should risk their health and well-being so Pfizer, Moderna, and now Johnson & Johnson can cash in big on a bonanza of profits at the expense of individuals duped to believe they’ll be protected from what’s too hazardous to touch.

According to State Department disinformation, New Eastern Outlook, Oriental Review, News Front, and Rebel Inside truth-telling about mass-jabbing hazards is Russian propaganda.

According to the unnamed US official, “Russian intelligence services bear direct responsibility for using these four platforms to spread propaganda and lies (sic),” adding:

“We can say these outlets are directly linked to Russian intelligence services (sic).”

“They’re all foreign-owned, based outside of the United States.” 

“They vary a lot in their reach, their tone, their audience, but they’re all part of the Russian propaganda and disinformation ecosystem (sic).”

According to the neocon/Russophobic Alliance for Securing Democracy that’s militantly hostile to the notion everywhere:

“The emphasis on denigrating Pfizer is likely due to its status as the first vaccine besides Sputnik V to see mass use, resulting in a greater potential threat to Sputnik’s market dominance.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov debunked the above fake news, saying:

“It’s nonsense. Russian special services have nothing to do with any criticism against vaccines.

“If we treat every negative publication against the Sputnik V vaccine as a result of efforts by American special services, then we will go crazy because we see it every day, every hour and in every Anglo-Saxon media.”

The Journal explained that the unnamed US official “didn’t provide specific evidence linking the publications to Russian intelligence” — because none exists like time and again earlier when phony accusations are made.

Unlike US rushed to market experimental drugs for mass-jabbing, introduction of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine last summer followed over 20 years of vaccine research, according to Sechenov University’s Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology director Vadim Tarasov.

Technology used to develop Sputnik V is based upon adenovirus, the common cold.

Tarasov explained that the vaccine may not entirely stop covid from spreading. It’ll make symptoms milder, he said, adding:

“We can really talk about a breakthrough as our country has shown itself to be one of the leaders in the global pharmaceutical industry due to the fact that it has retained and developed new competencies in drug development.”

There’s no ambiguity about the health hazards of experimental US drugs for mass-jabbing.

Using them as directed risks serious self-inflicted harm or death — why it’s crucial to avoid them.

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