Get Jabbed for Covid and Die? No Paid for Life Insurance Benefits?

Get Jabbed for Covid and Die? No Paid for Life Insurance Benefits?

by Stephen Lendman

Mass-jabbing for covid is high-risk with no rewards, no protection as falsely claimed.

According to, many life insurance companies won’t honor their obligation if policyholders die from covid jabbing with experimental, unapproved drugs.

Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine received emergency use authorization, not FDA approval — because of inadequate testing and hazards these drugs pose.

Some insurance are accepting life insurance applications from jabbed individuals. Others refuse.

Policies may contain a clause to deny payouts if policyholders die from unapproved covid jabs.

It’s crucial to check to find out if perishing from covid jabbing invalidates life insurance coverage.

According to reports, some, likely most, may all insurers are delaying applications from individuals testing positive for covid — even if the test result is false which is highly likely.

Currently, life insurers are asking applicants the following questions:

Have you tested positive for covid?

Are you currently self-isolating?

Do you or have you had covid symptoms?

Have you had direct contact with someone diagnosed with covid. 

The vast majority of positive PCR test results are false.

Individuals who’ve been ill from the common cold that passes most often in short order with no lingering side effects may be denied coverage.

Anyone considered high-risk for covid may be permanently denied it.

The same goes for individuals who’ve been ill from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or other diseases considered high-risk.

All of the above aside, protecting and preserving health demands rejection of experimental, high-risk, unapproved drugs for covid or anything else.

It’s our health, our choice, our lives, our welfare — our right to protect ourselves free from harmful government, media supported, mandates or recommendations.

There’s nothing safe and effective about hazardous drugs that risk irreversible harm when used as directed.

Separately according to the Wall Street Journal:

“America’s self-anointed virus experts and social-media giants are…silencing doctors with contrarian views in an apparent effort to shut down scientific debate.”

Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube et al are anti-social media censoring machines.

The same goes for gatekeeper Google.

They’re enemies of ordinary people everywhere, censoring content that diverges from the falsified official narrative.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past,” Orwell explained. 

He who controls the message controls groupthink, suppressing dissent, manipulating the public mind to reach consensus with the official narrative, wanting an obedient submissive public – distracted by bread and circuses.

Social and other major media operate as a collective Ministry of Truth. 

Controlling the message is the defining feature of totalitarian rule — what Orwell called “reality control.”

We’re being manipulated by dark forces and their media press agents to self-inflict harm on the false promise of being protected.

Following their advice is hazardous to health and potentially lethal.

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