US/Indo-Pacific Quad Alliance

US/Indo-Pacific Quad Alliance

by Stephen Lendman

US-cobbled together multi-nation alliances most often have diabolical aims in mind — notably what’s true about colonized EU/NATO countries to further Washington’s imperial aims.

So-called Quad nations — comprised of the US, India, Japan and Australia — aim to counter China’s growing prominence regionally and worldwide.

Made-in-the USA aims seek to undermine Beijing’s political, economic, technological, and military development.

On March 12, Biden’s double participated in a virtual Quad security dialogue meeting with leaders from India, Japan and Australia.

On March 13, a propaganda piece written for them said the following:

“(W)e are recommitting to a shared vision for an Indo-Pacific region that is free, open, resilient and inclusive.”

Translation: Biden regime hardliners enlisted help from the above three countries to try undermining China’s development.

Saying “(w)e are striving to ensure that the Indo-Pacific is accessible and dynamic, governed by international law and bedrock principles such as freedom of navigation and peaceful resolution of disputes, and that all countries are able to make their own political choices, free from coercion” is all about pursing anti-China policies.

The rest of the piece covered other issues that relate to advancing US imperial aims.

The Quad alliance is unrelated regional peace, stability and prosperity.

It’s all about US sought dominance over a part of the world not its own — the same objective pursued worldwide.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi calls the Quad alliance a US attempt to establish an “Indo-Pacific NATO” to counter Beijing.

According to Biden regime national security advisor Jake Sullivan, “(t)he four leaders…discuss(ed) the challenge posed by China (sic), and they made clear that none of them have any illusions about China (sic).”

Biden’s geopolitical team continues Trump’s so-called Indo/Pacific strategy to contain China.

Most regional countries maintain important economic and political ties to the nation they wish to preserve and advance, not relinquish to a higher power in Washington.

Beijing is their largest and most significant trading partner, notably true for Japan, India and Australia.

Despite territorial disputes that are relatively minor by comparison, their relations with China are cooperative.

The country is the main engine of regional economic growth.

Regional countries benefit from stimulus provided by China, a nation that prioritizes cooperative relations free from confrontation like the US operates.

While Washington focuses on security and militarizing the region, most, may all, Indo/Pacific countries know they have nothing to fear from China.

They prioritize economic development and cooperative relations with China, what’s true of most world community countries.

They also seek peace and stability, wanting conflicts avoided.

They reject the US-pushed notion of a Chinese threat that doesn’t exist.

They want normal East/West relations, including ties to the US and China, not allying with one side over the other.

On Sunday, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong expressed this viewed.

It’s widely shared regionally and worldwide.

The US-led Quad alliance is highly unlikely to disrupt regional ties to China.

For Indo-Pacific nations, their partnership with and reliance on China is too important to sacrifice to diabolical US interests.

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