Falsely Blaiming China and Russia for US Abusing Practices

Falsely Blaming China and Russia for US Abusive Practices

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Long ago, alderman Paddy Bowler said “Chicago ain’t ready for reform.”

His remark reflects how both right wings of the US war party operate — bludgeoning, bullying, bribing or smashing other nations into compliance with their will.

At the same time, the US and its press agent media blame other nations, entities and individuals for Washington’s abusive practices worldwide — a hegemonic menace, brandishing nukes and other WMDs.

Commenting on Sino/US talks in Anchorage, Alaska, an exercise in futility on China’s part for improved bilateral relations Biden regime hardliners reject, establishment media blamed Beijing for Washington’s dark side hostility toward all nations not bending to its will.

The NYT recited anti-China talking points from the State Department’s playbook.

Repeating false accusations about mistreatment of Uyghur Muslims (sic), nonexistent cyberattacks on the US (sic), China’s Hong Kong and Taiwan policies, and trade war launched by Trump, it called bilateral relations “complicated” — ignoring US abuses.

What the Times called “the China challenge,” labeling the country “a military adversary” applies to Washington, not Beijing.

Separately, the Times pretended that the Biden regime seeks “to find common ground between” both countries.

Cooperative relations sought by Beijing are off the table in Washington.

Its notion of “strengthen(ing) the rules based international order” is either bend to its hegemonic will or we’ll smash you.

Blinken invented his own reality, falsely claiming that the US has “a long history of openly confronting its shortcomings (sic), not trying to ignore them (sic), not trying to pretend they don’t exist (or trying to) sweep them under the rug (sic).” 

Blaming victims is longstanding US policy, very much on display in Anchorage.

Talks conclude on Friday. Establishment media support for US war on China by other means continues endlessly, things likely to worsen ahead, not improve.

Separately, WaPo urged both wings of the US war party to “meet the challenge of a rising China (sic).”

Undemocratic Dems intend more China bashing legislation.

WaPo falsely accused Beijing of “economic aggression (sic), interference operations in the US (sic)…internal repression and external aggression (sic).”

All of the above reflect how the US and its imperial partners operate, supported by the fourth estate.

Along with bashing China, WaPo insulted Russia and Vladimir Putin personally, saying:

Biden was “right to call Putin a killer (sic),” claiming proof that doesn’t exist.

Ignoring his overwhelming popularity, WaPo invented its own reality, falsely claiming “a new generation of Russians is fed up with Putin (sic).”

New and older US generations should be fed up enough to resist growing homeland tyranny, exploiting ordinary Americans, eliminating fundamental rights, calling dissent from the official falsified narrative domestic terrorism — while waging endless wars on humanity worldwide.

Russian democracy is real, worlds apart from the US fantasy version.

Selected, not elected, Biden is Exhibit A.

Not according to WaPo’s reinventing of reality, falsely accusing Putin of not “allow(ing) a single free election in the 20 years he’s been in power (sic).”

He’s been overwhelmingly elected and reelected democratically, according to Russian law.

Russian voters decide who’ll lead them, polar opposite farcical US elections.

Democratic in name only, the real thing is effectively banned.

Ordinary Americans have no say over who serves in high office, no say over how the nation is governed.

Establishment media like the Times and WaPo stick to the official narrative exclusively on issues mattering most — state-approved propaganda their specialty.

Their reports on nations free from US control are consistent, falsely blaming them for imperial crimes against them.

Supporting Washington’s imperial agenda and monied interests exclusively, they’re enemies of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and journalism as it should be.

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