Turkey’s Erdogan: An Enemy of Peace in Syria

Turkey’s Erdogan: An Enemy of Peace in Syria

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Wannabe sultan Erdogan aims to annex northern Syria and Iraq.

He’s an enemy of regional peace and stability, falsely pretending otherwise.

In a Bloomberg News op-ed written for him, he falsely called US-led aggression he’s part of in pursuit of their imperial aims Syria’s “civil war (sic).”

Since Obama/Biden launched aggression against the country 10 years ago — using ISIS and other jihadists as proxy foot soldiers — there’s been nothing “civil” about the rape and destruction of sovereign Syria.

In support of his own diabolical aims, Erdogan allied with jihadists in the country’s north.

Falsely calling them “moderate rebels,” it’s the same phony designation given cutthroat killer terrorists against Syrian sovereignty by the US and NATO.

Erdogan bragged about attacking Syrian forces in Idlib province.

They’re freedom fighters involved in liberating the country from US/NATO/Israeli/Turkish supported jihadists.

Defying reality, Erdogan claimed his involvement in Syria — aggression by any standard — “saved millions of lives (sic).”

He’s a mortal enemy of freedom-loving people in Syria, Iraq, and domestically in his own country.

Like the US, UK, Brussels and Israel, his notion of “democracy, freedom and human rights” are eliminating them altogether.

His notion of regional “peace and stability” is permanent war of aggression.

Reinventing a decade of US-launched aggression in Syria he’s supported to advance his own imperial aims, he falsely called what’s gone on an “uprising (for) democracy, liberty and human rights (sic).”

Erdogan is a brutal despot, a regional menace.

He’s solidifying occupation of northern Syrian territory by deploying more troops and heavy equipment to areas his regime illegally controls.

According to deputy head of Russia’s Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria Admiral Alexander Karpov:

“The Russian side is extremely concerned by the deployment of military equipment of the Turkish Armed Forces and the carrying out of fortification works at strong points in the area of Ain Isa settlement of Raqqa province,” adding: 

The Russian Center called these actions “a violation of the status quo established by the Memorandum of Understanding, noting that they ‘undermine the efforts of both sides in resolving the Syrian conflict.’ ”

Last week, Syrians in al-Bab called for the withdrawal of Turkish-supported jihadists, said Karpov, adding:

They “demand(ed) the liberation of the city from the occupation.” 

“The demonstration escalated into clashes with militants from illegal armed groups, during which eight civilians were detained by militants.”

Protests by Syrian civilians also occurred in Balshun, southwest of Idlib, where US-supported jihadists seized homes and displaced their residents.

Separately, Karpov explained that al-Nusra terrorists shelled Idlib’s deescalation zone 28 times in the last 24 hours — with heavy weapons supplied by the US and its imperial partners.

Southfront reported that Erdogan’s war ministry “released an official statement in defense of militant groups involved in illegal oil smuggling of Syrian oil to Turkey. Over the past months, oil smuggling infrastructure in the Turkish-occupied part of Syria has been repeated pounded by air, artillery and rocket strikes that caused major damage to it.”

“This trend undermines Turkish attempts to solidify its control over the occupied areas as the looting of captured territories is the only source of ‘self-financing’ of its proxies.”

Erdogan’s ghost-written op-ed was filled with beginning-to-end bald-faced Big Lies.

Like the US, he’s stealing Syrian oil. Millions of dollars worth are smuggled out the country monthly, according to Russia’s estimate.

The US and Turkey share guilt, including support for jihadists against the Syrian Arab Republic and its long-suffering people.

Like the US, NATO and Israel, Erdogan is an enemy of the Syrian Arab Republic and its people.

He supports forever war on the country over conflict resolution and restoration of peace after 10 long years of foreign aggression.

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