Russian Foreign Ministry on Biden’s Character Assassination of Putin

Russian Foreign Ministry on Biden’s Character Assassination of Putin

by Stephen Lendman ( Home – Stephen Lendman)

Biden’s denigration of Vladimir Putin, calling him a soulless “killer,” threatening to make him “pay a price” for nonexistent Russian US election meddling, nonexistent poisoning of Navalny, and other invented reasons, imposing multiple rounds of lawless sanctions on Moscow with more to come along with other dirty tricks, demands sharp retaliation well beyond words alone.

Washington considers Russia a mortal enemy — for its sovereign independence, for smashing US supported ISIS and its other jihadist foot soldiers, for turning the tide of battle in Syria, for defeating Washington’s imperial project in the country. 

No prospect exists for improved bilateral relations. Good faith diplomatic outreach to the US is a waste of time.

Promises when made by its ruling authorities are hollow, betrayal virtually always following.

Moscow should cut ties to the US. They exist in name only.

A state of undeclared US war on Russia by other means exists — chances for turning a page for normalized relations rejected by its dominant hardliners.

Both right wings of its war party go all out to undermine Russia and other independent countries politically, economically, and militarily.

So far, it’s short of preemptive war against Russia, China, and Iran, nations able to hit back hard if attacked. 

Yet what’s unthinkable is possible by accident or design.

The Pentagon has war plans drawn and updated against all invented US adversaries.

For dominant hardliners in Washington, normalization of relations with nations free from their control is off the table, why pursuing  them by Russia, China and other independent countries assures failure when tried.

US ruling authorities demand subservience from the world community of nations.

Ones unwilling to bend to their will are targeted for regime change — by whatever it takes in trying to achieve their diabolical aims.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accompanied tough talk condemnation of Biden’s denigration of Putin with customary Russian softness in separate remarks — viewed as weakness by dominant US hardliners.

Zakharova: “The current US (regime) never ceases to surprise us with its absurd public statements.” 

“It’s not just about the unseemly attacks against Russia’s top officials, but also the absurd accusations of Russia’s interference in last year’s presidential election in the United States, in which, as you are aware, Joe Biden was the winner.”

Corrections: Unacceptable Biden regime accusations of Russian US election interference, poisoning Navalny, and other phony claims are bald-faced Big Lies.

Calling them “absurd” isn’t strong enough.

Trump defeated Biden as Russia and everyone paying attention knows, not the other way around.

Zakharova got tougher about fake accusations of Russian US election interference, saying:

“We consider this yet another fabrication which is built entirely on the groundless belief that ‘Russian influencers, including Donald Trump’s support base if you follow this line of thinking, were behind the massive online criticism of the (Dem) candidate.” 

“Meanwhile, if there was anyone who tried to ‘influence’ the voting, it was the pro-(Dem) internet juggernauts that blocked the social media accounts of the incumbent president and hundreds of thousands of his supporters.”

Indeed and she added:

“There is no evidence of Russian government agencies’ interference in US domestic affairs, something you can’t say about the US officials’ endless attempts to control political processes in other countries, including Russia, and to issue direct orders to marginal opposition groups in order to sow instability, discord and strife.”

“We clearly saw this in their response to the unauthorized demonstrations in Moscow in January, in which their organizers tried to involve even minors.”

“(T)he US is held captive by illusions as it strives to unleash a senseless campaign of Russophobic attacks.” 

“This only leads to further degradation of bilateral relations, which contradicts the fundamental interests of the peoples of Russia and the United States.” 

“It appears that Washington is not ready to understand the ensuing risks to peace and security.”

The above tough talk is long overdue and welcome, even though not as tough as what’s needed — accompanied by bold actions.

No longer should Russia refer to US officials as “colleagues” and “partners.” They’re mortal enemies.

When tough talk like the above occurs, time and again it’s followed by softness, diplomatic outreach for improved relations.

It’s obvious to everyone paying attention that US authorities have no intention normalizing ties with governments unwilling to bend to their will, no intention to pursue peace and cooperative relations with other nations on a level playing field, according to the rule of law.

Dominant US hardliners demand obedience, submission to their will.

Hardball targets outliers, countries wanting their sovereign rights and territorial integrity respected.

Washington plays by other rules, its own — demanding everything, offering nothing in return but broken promises and toughness.

The only effective response is by giving its ruling authorities a taste of the own medicine, short of war.

Nothing else gets their attention.

Treating the US like a normal country assures failure every time tried and self-inflicts harm.

Russia, China and other nations free from its imperial control need to assert their sovereign rights through strength, not weakness.

It’s the only language hardliners in Washington understand.

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