Putin’s Outreach to Biden Rebuffed

Putin’s Outreach to Biden Rebuffed

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In late January, Putin and Biden spoke by phone.

Reportedly they discussed bilateral differences, along with exchanging diplomatic notes.

According to the Kremlin’s website, extending New START was agreed on that obligates both countries to reduce their number of strategic nuclear missile launchers by half.

With details of what was agreed on to be finalized, both sides agreed to resolve outstanding differences.

Russia will genuinely try to do it. The US keeping its word is another matter entirely.

Biden reportedly said normalized bilateral ties would benefit both nations and the world community.

Other issues of concern were also discussed, including the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal, resolving years of war by Kiev on Donbass, and a summit to include the five permanent Security Council members to address pressing world issues.

Summaries of their discussion on the Kremlin and White House websites differed greatly, the latter repeating long ago debunked US accusations against Russia.

Biden expressed “firm support” for US-installed, Nazi-infested, despotic rule in Kiev.

He lied claiming Russia poisoned Navalny. He falsely accused the Kremlin of US election meddling.

He defied reality by claiming that “Russia plac(ed) bounties on United States soldiers in Afghanistan.”

The fake news White House account about Putin’s discussion with Biden was further proof of the futility of good faith diplomatic outreach by Russia to the US.

The same goes for all nations free from its imperial control.

When extended, it’s a waste of time, achieving nothing positive.

When US promises are made to Russia and other sovereign independent countries, they’re hollow, virtually certain to be breached every time.

Hegemons don’t normalize relations with nations they want transformed into vassal states, ones free from its control.

Bilateral Russian/US relations exist in name only.

The real thing as it should be doesn’t exist. The prospect for getting dominant hardliners in Washington to turn a page for improved relations is virtually nil.

Why do Putin and other Russian officials waste time and energy in trying to engage with the US diplomatically?

Yet Putin continues to engage in dead-end attempts to change things — knowing that the only language the US understands is force.

On Friday, the Kremlin said Putin’s latest offer to speak with Biden by phone — after being called a soulless “killer” by the illegitimate White House incumbent — was an attempt to prevent bilateral ties from dissolving altogether, Putin reportedly saying:

“It makes sense to have a talk to maintain Russia-US relations instead of trading barbs” — to defuse tensions after Biden’s character assassination insult of Russia’s leader.

Bilateral relations won’t dissolve because they don’t exist.

Nor will they ahead — no matter which right wing of the US war party runs things.

An undeclared US war by other means exists against Russia. 

It’s far more likely to worsen ahead than ease or be resolved.

Biden rebuffed Putin’s good faith overture.

The real Biden is too cognitively impaired to interface with any foreign leader — why he’s nearly invisible in Washington.

A double delivers public remarks in his name. The oval office is effectively vacant.

Others handle domestic policies and affairs of state in his name.

When important decisions are made, he’s out to lunch or napping.

He’s an unelected/illegitimate president in name only — uninvolved in White House duties, a charade perhaps with a short lifespan before unravelling altogether.

What the White House press corps knows, they keep under wraps.

It’s indicative of their press agent services for powerful interests, journalism as it should be banned from their reports — state-approved rubbish featured instead.

Hostile US policies toward Russia play out in similar form against all US invented enemies and adversaries.

Chances for normalization with any nations from from US control are virtually nil.

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