How to Lie and Mass Deceive Without Really Trying

How to Lie and Mass Deceive Without Really Trying

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In the run-up to and launch of mass-jabbing for covid with Pfizer/Moderna’s hazardous to health experimental mRNA drugs, establishment media pushed their use relentlessly.

At the same time, dangers they pose are suppressed. So is information on exponentially growing numbers of mass casualties — including deaths — from taking these drugs as directed.

More recently, Big Media are heavily pushing AstraZeneca’s covid vaccine.

Soon to be approved in the US, ignored is the rising body count from its use in over 50 countries, including throughout Europe.

These experimental drugs provide no protection. They’re unsafe and ineffective when used as directed.

They’re unnecessary.

As I and many others explained, safe, effective, inexpensive hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc is highly effective in treating covid when used within about 10 days after infections are diagnosed.

Ivermectin is also safe and effective in treating covid. 

It “obliterates (covid) transmission,” lung/ICU specialist Dr. Pierre Kory explained, earlier calling it a “miracle” solution, adding:

“I do not use that term lightly.”

What establishment media should heavily promote, they suppress — providing press agent services for Pharma’s hazardous to health experimental drugs no one should touch.

In their latest editions, the NYT and WaPo are pushing AstraZeneca’s (AZ below) high-risk experimental vaccine.

Its use in Europe was halted for days because of blood clotting issues that at times can be fatal when occur.

Like other hazardous to health/experimental entries into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes, AZ’s vaccine is unapproved and too dangerous to have been OK’d abroad for emergency use — notably when no emergency exists.

Not according to the lying machine NYT, saying:

AZ’s vaccine “provide(s) strong protection against (covid) (sic)…prevent(ing) the worst outcomes  from the disease while causing no serious side effects (sic).”

The above claims are based on dubious clinical trials in the US and elsewhere — rigged to exclude elderly, allergic, and other high-risk individuals, only younger participants in good health included.

Pfizer, Moderna and J & J trials were rigged the same way.

According to AZ, it’ll apply for FDA emergency use authorization “in the coming weeks.”

WaPo reported much the same information for what AZ calls its covid “vaccine for the world” — falsely claiming it’s safe and 79% effective, 100% effective against serious illness.

WaPo quoted the so-called US Safety and Monitoring Board’s dubious claim that it found “no safety concerns among the participants receiving at least one dose of the vaccine (sic).”

The Biden regime ordered “300 million doses of the” the company’s experimental vaccine, WaPo reported.

After over 20 European countries halted use of AZ’s vaccine over blood clotting issues, the European Medicines Agency OK’d resumption of its use — falsely calling it safe and effective.

During European trials, major safety concerns were discovered.

Virologist John Jacob called for halting trials straightaway.

They continued. Now the vaccine is in widespread use across Europe and elsewhere, heading for emergency OK to use in the US soon.

It’ll be distributed to most world community countries through Bill Gates’ COVAX program.

He stands to make billions of dollars by mass-jabbing toxins into the veins of unwitting victims.

Everyone jabbed with hazardous covid drug toxins risks near-term or later harm to health including possible death.

Why would anyone go near them when safe, effective, inexpensive drugs are available, as explained above!

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