Escalated US-Led Sanctions War on China

Escalated US-Led Sanctions War on China

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Sanctions are weapons of war by other means.

They’re a hammer against peace, stability and cooperative relations with other countries.

They’re extrajudicial collective punishment on the population of targeted countries, what international law prohibits.

They’re a favored US tactic against invented enemies and adversaries.

When imposed, they fail to achieve its geopolitical aims.

Yet they’re used repeatedly by the US against Russia, China, Iran, and other nations its policymakers want transformed into pro-Western vassal states.

Where the US goes, other Western nations most often tag along.

On Monday, the Biden regime in cahoots with Brussels, Britain and Canada imposed illegal sanctions on China over invented human rights abuses.

Beijing is falsely accused of abusing Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang detention camps.

The world’s leading human rights abuser USA and its imperial partners want China punished for alleged abusive practices no evidence corroborates.

Glaaring hypocrisy needs no elaboration.

The so-called US Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 calls for government agencies to report on alleged human rights abuses by Beijing against Xinjiang Muslims — despite no evidence of any.

A US House passed Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (2020) calls for preventing American entities from funding alleged forced labor camps in Xinjiang no evidence suggests exist.

These measures and other hostile US actions against China are part of its war by other means on the country, its enterprises, entities, ruling authorities and people.

After frosty Sino/US talks in Anchorage last week, Biden’s interventionist geopolitical team escalated things on Monday with likely more harshness in mind.

A joint US, UK, EU, Canada statement said the following on Monday:

Expressing hollow concern for China’s Uyghur Muslims, it accused Beijing of human rights abuses against them — despite presenting no credible credible evidence.

Yet the above countries claimed so-called “documents, satellite imagery, and eyewitness testimony is overwhelming (sic).”

Separately, Blinken invented his own reality, saying:

China “continues to commit genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang (sic),” adding:

Actions by the US, UK, EU and Canada “demonstrate our ongoing commitment to working multilaterally to advance respect for human rights and shining a light on those in the PRC government and CCP responsible for these atrocities (sic).”

Beijing retaliated by sanctioning 10 European officials and four entities — before announced Western sanctions.

According to the Washington-based Asia Society Policy Institute’s vice president Wendy Cutler, Monday’s coordinated action by US-led Western countries elevated anti-China policy to a “new level.”

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell defended the indefensible action, saying:

“There will be no change in the EU’s determination to defend human rights and to respond to serious violations and abuses, irrespective of where they are committed (sic).”

In cahoots with US forever wars by hot and/or other means against numerous countries, Brussels shares Washington’s culpability.

The same goes for Britain, Canada, and other US imperial partners.

Along with targeting Chinese officials, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Public Security Bureau (XPCC) was sanctioned, an EU statement saying:

It’s “responsible for serious human rights violations in China, in particular large-scale arbitrary detentions and degrading treatment inflicted upon Uyghurs and people from other Muslim ethnic minorities (sic).”

The US sanctioned XPCC last July.

Sanctions on targeted Chinese officials include travel bans, asset freezes, and denial of funds to these individuals.

Beijing slammed the above actions  taken, saying they “severely (harm)  China’s sovereignty and interests and maliciously (spread) lies and disinformation.”

EU sanctions were the first ones imposed on Beijing since  orchestrated 1989 events by US dark forces in China’s Tiananmen Square and the surrounding area.

The GHW Bush regime’s attempt to destabilize and topple its government failed.

Despite externally caused violence, no student massacre occurred. 

Claims otherwise to this day remain fabricated, typical of how the US operates — propaganda part of its war by other means on nations it doesn’t control.

Things in the square were resolved peacefully. The US didn’t get the massacre it wanted so it invented what didn’t happen.

The latest US coordinated action against China continues its war on the country by other means — Biden continuing Trump’s hostile agenda.

A Final Comment

According to China’s Global Times, Beijing “is formulating countermeasures against the EU.” 

“Some EU institutions that have been spearheading the accusations against China’s Xinjiang policies will bear the brunt of the countermeasures, and some individuals in EU countries who have behaved badly will not escape punishment, so do some high-profile individuals who frequently bash China on its Xinjiang affairs.”

Beijing is committed to defend “its core interests and unswervingly (counter) disinformation and smear campaign(s) concerning (its) policies and internal affairs.”

On Monday, European Studies director at the China Institute of International Studies Cui Hongjian said sanctions on the EU sent a strong signal to its policymakers to stop interfering in Beijing’s internal affairs.

Institute of Law at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences research fellow Wang Jiang said Beijing may take legal action to defend the legitimate rights of its entities and individuals.

If this avenue is pursued, Western countries will be hard-pressed to present credible evidence in support of their dubious accusations that doesn’t exist.

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