How Many Adverse Events from Covid Mass-Jabbing Are too Many?

How Many Adverse Events from Covid Mass-Jabbing Are too Many?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to the Pharma controlled CDC, from mid-December through March 19, they’ve over 44,600 adverse events from covid mass-jabbing in the US.

Around 7,100 were serious ones, including anaphylactic shock that risks death. 

Over 2,000 (avoidable) deaths were reported.

Over roughly the same timeframe, European public health authorities reported over 162,600 mass-jabbing adverse events and nearly 4,000 deaths.

As in the US, the above numbers are the tip of a much larger iceberg of mass casualties and exponentially rising numbers of deaths.

Instead of warning about the hazards of covid mass-jabbing, the CDC, other US public health agencies, their European counterparts and press agent media call for everyone to be inoculated with what no one should touch.

As explained earlier, CDC data are the tip of the iceberg.

True numbers of mass casualties and deaths in the US are over 100 times greater than the above data suggest.

The risk of harm to health from covid jabbing is unacceptably high both short and longer-term.

What’s going on is unprecedented.

In cahoots with the Trump and now Biden regime, along with Congress, US public health officials OK’d use of rushed to market, experimental drugs that don’t protect against seasonal flu-renamed covid and pose a high risk of contracting the disease and many others.

Over 100 million Americans have been jabbed so far as part of the largest-ever-scale experiment with human health already turning out very badly.

Millions of Americans and countless others abroad were harmed.

Many millions more face contraction one or more major diseases in their lifetime from toxins in covid jabs.

The elderly, others with weakened immune systems, individuals with allergies, pregnant women, others infected with flu, and everyone on a cocktail of drugs with potentially harmful side effects in dealing with one or more serious diseases are most vulnerable to harm from covid jabs.

Medical professionals and scientists — unconnected to Pharma or Western governments — are sounding the alarm against use of hazardous experimental covid drugs.

Preserving and protecting health depends on rejecting them — not playing fast and loose with what’s too precious to lose, and once lost perhaps not being able to regain.

It’s crucial to resist and rebel against US darks forces that aim to destroy public health while helping Pharma cash in big on a bonanza of profits.

Instead of returning to normality ahead, a permanent new abnormal is planned.

It includes state-sponsored dystopia  — aka the Great Reset — under hardened, police state enforced totalitarian rule on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny.

What’s planned is what Orwell called a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

He envisioned a diabolical future in the West and elsewhere that’s unfolding in plain sight.

What was inconceivable long ago when I was a boy, adolescent and youth is now reality.

The choice is clear. Resist and rebel or face Dante’s hell.

There’s no in between. 

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