Covid Jabbing Risks Serious Illnesses or Deaths

Covid-Jabbing Risks Serious Illnesses or Death

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

How many horror stories like what’s listed below are too many?

63-year-old college professor, Virginia Ellington, in otherwise good health dies two days after Johnson and Johnson covid jab.

Professor Ilaria Pappa, age-31, dies after being jabbed with AstraZeneca’s experimental covid vaccine.

Kansas City councilwoman Jeanie Marie Evans, age-68, dies from experimental mRNA jab for covid that killed her — and many others in the US, Europe, Israel and elsewhere.

Two Australian managed care residents died several days after being jabbed with Pfizer’s toxic mRNA covid drug.

US and European nursing homes and assisted living facilities report that residents are dying like flies after being jabbed for covid protection.

Covid tyranny is responsible for exponentially rising numbers of mass casualties from jabbing with toxic drugs.

Young people are dying as well as elderly ones.

Following emergency use authorization for J & J’s hazardous experimental covid vaccine in late February, the Covid Blog reported the following deaths:

25-year-old Connecticut educator Desiree Penrod — dead one week after J & J covid jab

32-year-old Benjamin Goodman — dead 24 hours after jabbed with J & J’s toxic covid vaccine.

Tanzanian President John Magdufuli was eliminated — likely by the CIA — for speaking publicly about rigged PCR tests to artificially increase numbers of healthy people falsely called positive for covid.

Speaking truth to power cost him his life.

On March 26, Natural issued the following warning, saying:

Mass-jabbing with hazardous to health, experimental, unapproved covid drugs is creating exponentially rising numbers of human “biological time bombs (that) threat(en) societ(ies).”

Jabbing for covid infects. It doesn’t protect.

Individuals jabbed for covid are vulnerable to contracting the disease they’re not being protected against.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the risk of developing adverse events.

Jabbed individuals can unwittingly infect others, especially if become ill from super-strains.

Experimental covid vaccines are bioweapons.

They contain neurotoxic, carcinogenic ingredients, including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, aborted human fetal cells, and other substances not revealed that risk serious harm to health.

All of the above are dangerous. When combined, they exponentially increase the threat to health and well-being.

US dark forces in cahoots with Pharma and media press agents are harming generations of infants, youths and adults in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Pharma and media claims about the effectiveness and safety of experimental covid drugs are fabricated.

Based on what’s known, covid mRNA technology and vaccines are far more harmful to health than the disease they’re supposed to protect against.

Unapproved by the FDA highlights the hazards they pose.

The risk of near-or-later-term harm is overwhelming, especially when combined with use of other drugs.

Scientific evidence shows that vaccines can cause chronic headaches, rashes, skin lesions, seizures, autism, anemia, multiple sclerosis, ALS, cancer, diabetes, polio, infertility, and many other health issues.

Experimental, high-risk, rushed to market covid mRNA drugs and vaccines under emergency conditions that don’t exist make them especially hazardous when used as directed.

Left unexplained is that vaccines take 6 or more years to develop.

Clinical trials for vaccines and other drugs fail about 90% of the time.

Individuals inoculated for protection from covid or other diseases are at high-risk of contracting what they’re supposed to be protected against.

Mass-jabbing countless millions of Americans and others abroad creates perfect storm conditions for widespread outbreaks of seasonal flu/influenza now called covid — instead of protection not gotten.

Because flu strains mutate, booster jabs will be heavily promoted.

The more taken, the greater the risk of serious harm to health and well-being.

What’s going on is a diabolical plot against human health, not the other way around.

Western governments, Pharma, and their media press agents are enemies of ordinary people everywhere.

Mass casualties occurring so far are prelude for much greater numbers ahead short-and-longer-term.

Protecting and preserving health requires rejection of toxic covid drugs, refusing to be mind-manipulated to self-inflict harm.

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